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Pinsard Marine | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Pinsard Marine | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Pinsard Marine
In art, there is neither past nor future. Art that is not in the present will never be. Pablo Picasso
Sensitive and creative, Marine is a new artist, modern and full of energy. After studying design and interior architecture, she embarked on a career in trend and fashion graphics. Quickly falling in love with colors and textiles, she developed a particular passion for threads and embroidery. Tired of a job that required a lot of time in front of a screen, she took up ceramics and became interested in craft and artistic techniques. Today, Marine thrives on developing her graphic art and wishes to share it with the public.
With her style and technique, Marine skilfully combines sober, uncluttered graphics with her mastery of embroidery and color. These creations, as simple as they are elaborate, abstract, almost dreamlike, evoke positive, pleasant feelings. It is on watercolor paper that the artist chooses to weave the nuances of her emotions. On this thick support, she first draws a simple geometric shape, a circle. Inspired by art, fashion and the world around her, she then lets her imagination wander along this curve, embroidering colorful threads with sensitivity. Beyond the symbols and messages, it's by playing with the hues and reliefs of the textile that Marine creates works that will speak to everyone with their unique, peaceful ambience.
  • 2022
    Ceramist and freelance artist
    Paris, France
  • 2003
    Graphic designer for fashion and trends
    Paris, France
  • 2002
    Diploma in interior architecture and design
    Paris, France
  • 1976
    Paris, France
(40 Artworks)

40 Artworks

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