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Are you considering buying a pop icon painting?

Carré d'Artistes presents a wide selection of paintings, among the category of paintings by theme: landscape paintings, nude, still life paintings, marine views and especially pop icon paintings for sale.

Pop icon painting directly refers to the genre of pop art painting which seizes popular culture to translate it in an artistic way. The pop icons, that is to say, the popular stars known all over the world, are very often represented in pop art. 


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Pop art or popular art!


The characteristics and history of pop art in painting

Pop art is an artistic movement that encompasses different techniques and disciplines such as painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, and silkscreen. It originated in England, then developed in the United States and the Western world.

Pop art is closely linked to the capitalist system which it criticizes while drawing inspiration from it. It emerged in the 1950s and developed in the 1960s. Richard Hamilton in England and Andy Warhol in the United States are emblematic figures of this movement.

Silkscreen printing is often used in pop art to denounce the system by reaching a wide audience. The forms, compositions, and subjects of pop art are accessible and appreciated on a global scale.


Pop icons in art

This collection imagined by our painter artists varies in a colorful way with bright and offbeat tones aiming at the contemplation of each pop canvas. Our pop art paintings in this category, moving away from all reality, will undoubtedly integrate into your wall decoration.


Pop icon paintings: a mix of art and popular culture

The pop icon paintings capture the essence of popular culture by addressing various themes such as celebrities, music icons, and iconic characters from movies and television series.

These striking works combine bright colors, bold shapes, and meticulous details to create dynamic and captivating compositions. They express contemporary values and convey social messages, eliciting emotional reactions and stimulating discussions on important cultural and social issues.


Who are the famous pop icon painters?

Here is a list of some famous pop icon painters who have left a significant mark in the field of contemporary art:  

  • Andy Warhol : A pioneer of the pop art movement, Andy Warhol is known for his iconic paintings of celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. His distinctive style, characterized by the use of bright colors and silkscreen techniques, redefined the standards of popular art.
  • Keith Haring : Recognized for his bold and stylized illustrations, Keith Haring created a unique visual language that marked pop icon art. His paintings feature dynamic figures and universal symbols, addressing themes such as love, sexuality, and the fight against social injustice.
  • Roy Lichtenstein : Famous for his comic-inspired works, Roy Lichtenstein created a distinctive style characterized by the use of halftone dots and bold outlines. His pop icon paintings, featuring glamorous women and war scenes, revolutionized the way popular art is perceived.
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat : Revealing his artistic talent from urban graffiti, Jean-Michel Basquiat became an iconic figure in pop icon art in the 1980s. His paintings, blending symbols, words, and cultural references, explore themes such as identity, race, and politics.
  • Takashi Murakami : Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, Takashi Murakami is known for his colorful and playful pop icon paintings. Mixing traditional Japanese elements with references to Western pop culture, his works celebrate the concept of "superflat" and question the concepts of art commercialization.


Carré d'artistes' icon painters

At Carré d'artistes, discover pop art style icon paintings by contemporary artists such as Medeya Lemdiya, Pooky, Fabien Novarino, Valérian Lenud, and others.

  • Medeya Lemdiya : Her figurative canvases resemble her. Dynamic and colorful, they are nourished by multiple influences ranging from street art, through pop art.
  • Pooky : Powerfully colored and imprinted with a claimed dynamic whose aesthetic is drawn both from pop art and street art, POOKKY's works seem to reflect, more than the subject itself, the personality of the artist, positive and sincere.
  • Fabien Novarino : Fabien designs original graphic works that fall into the Neo Pop style – a worthy heir of the Pop Art movement born in the 50s –. Made from a subtle mix of collage, drawings and stencils, his canvases are inspired by pop culture icons, American and French cinema, modern urbanism and the world of Comics.
  • Valérian Lenud : Pop art culture guides his work. He expresses in a joyful way the look he has on the current world and shows how the different cultures have influenced him. To refine his creation, he mixes the tools, using stencils with aerosol paint, acrylic paint and plastic arts to express his vision of the world.


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