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Long live abstract art in May

- 03/05/2021

Gift an abstract painting for Mother’s Day

In art, it was synonymous with modernity. Emerged during the early 20th century, abstractionism allowed artists to break the rules: no need for narration, technique, or symbolism but a free expression of colors and lines. Some were radical and took things up a notch and invented monochromes. Others turned abstractionism into a sensual beginning based on bold chromatics, thick materials, bewitching but also purely sensual… 
For this month of May 2021 and because art has never seemed this important: we are devoting an entire collection of paintings to this founding theme. Don’t forget: on Sunday 30th May 2021, it’s Mother’s day! The perfect opportunity to gift your sweet mom, a present you have chosen with all your heart, which takes her passion into account, her favorite colors, not to mention a unique atmosphere of her place…It’s your move now to choose the ideal painting! 


1910: the first abstract painting 
It is signed Vassily Kandinsky. It’s plausible that the latter wanted to be renowned as the father of abstraction, and created it in 1913 and then backdated it…But one thing is for sure: his watercolors without titles are unanimously known as the first gesture of abstract in the history of art. Nothing but forms with no head or tail or strokes- pure poetry! 

1918: the first monochrome painting
One didn’t need to wait for very long before abstraction radicalized and completely turned into…. A total absence of shapes! Or to be more exact, a simple White on White. Created by Kasimir Malevitch, the latter questions art and claims some audacity. So, what makes this piece of a monochrome wall stand out? You have 3 hours…

1979: the first of Soulages’s black
The indisputable pope of abstract painting, Pierre Soulages marked the history of current art, by only painting with black. The texture of his paintings provide pace and depth…The first painting dates back to 1979: soberly titled Painting 162 × 127 cm, 14 April 1979, it is preserved at the Fabre museum of Montpellier. 




Native to France, Portugal or Argentina, paintings chosen for our special abstract art May collection all possess pizzazz and are uniqueness.  

Gift for a bold mom
Silvia Depaire practices the “Fluid painting” technique. She doesn’t use any brushes and wields acrylic by coloring it on her painting. The outcome? Surprising visions like landscapes seen from the sky, organic textures. Where dark blue goes well with warm gold or even creamy white which highlights a beautiful yellow sun…Wonderful! 

Gift for a manual mom
Luc Langeron is an inventor too: the artist paints on wooden strips with different patterns and colors. Assembled and aligned vertically, the strips make up very rhythmic compositions on a black background, which attracts the eye, through its volumes and appeal due to a rich chromatic palette. 

Gift for a townie mom
Dallying with landscape art, Emmanuelle Levesque has a knack at highlighting the contours of a town with an evanescing background, which seems like you’re stepping out of a dream. Her paintings are very delicate as they play with colorful shades: pastel colors for one, reddening or even bluish or black and white palette for the other…A delight for the eyes.

Gift for an active mom
Listen closely: it seems that Saulo Silveira’s paintings are animated with jazzy music. At least that’s the impression which is given by the perfectly calibrated compositions, where masses of paint collide and mix in a subtle manner. Spontaneous strokes are present at times, which complexify these abstract visions with a perfectly analyzed balance. 

Gift for a meditative mom
Amateur personalities of calm and meditation are definitely present in the artwork by Christian Hévin. The painter creates abstracts which seem to be watered down landscapes, foggy moments captured to highlight their poetry. Never figurative, Christian Hévin remains very suggestive and generously renders the pleasure to live. 

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