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10 paintings that celebrate mothers for Mother's Day.
- 05/05/2023

Mother's Day is an opportunity to celebrate maternal love in all its forms. Why not mark this day with a beautiful painting that represents the love and tenderness between a mother and her baby? Mother's Day paintings are numerous, whether they are soft and colorful illustrations or famous paintings representing maternal love. In this article, we will discover the 10 most beautiful paintings and illustrations for Mother's Day. If you're wondering how to make a nice gift for Mother's Day, these beautiful paintings will certainly inspire you to create a gift for your mom or decorate your home with iconic works of art.

work that celebrates Mother's Day
Marlene & Emil
Coline Rohart

"My Grandparents, My Parents, and I" is a famous artwork by Frida Kahlo depicting her family tree.

1 . My grandparens, my parents, and I, Frida Kahlo 

"My Grandparents, My Parents, and I" is a painting created by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in 1936. It is an oil on zinc and tempera painting, measuring 30.7 × 34.5 cm. The artwork is currently held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The painting tells the story of the artist's family and is considered a representation of her family tree. Frida Kahlo is depicted as a child, naked, holding a red ribbon that symbolizes her family lineage. The characters surrounding her are her grandparents and parents, whom she depicted based on the only photograph of their wedding. The vibrant colors and detailed composition bring the painting to life, combining surrealism and naïve art.

"My Grandparents, My Parents, and I" is an important work of art by Frida Kahlo, who was influenced by this creation to shape her own art style. This painting has also inspired numerous analyses and studies, as well as exhibitions in many museums.


2. Radiant Baby, Keith Haring

"Radiant Baby" by Keith Haring is an icon of his work. This Pop Art-style painting depicts a stylized baby with sun rays around its head, symbolizing life, joy, and hope for the future. The artwork was created in 1990 and is considered part of the artist's "Icons" series. Although the work is not specifically a representation of the mother-child relationship, it is often associated with motherhood and maternal love due to the image of a radiant baby. In 1990, the artist created a silkscreen print of this artwork, which was included in Natalie E. Phillips' essay "The Radiant Child Christ.

the radiant baby, work by Keith Haring
Mother and child, work celebrating Mother's Day, by Pablo Picasso.

3. Mother and child, Picasso


Pablo Picasso experimented with various styles and subjects in his paintings, reflecting the trends of his time as well as his personal moods. His "Blue Period," which lasted from 1901 to 1904, is marked by a deep depression that led the artist to create dark works depicting the poor, sick, and expelled, as well as many paintings on the theme of motherhood. One of these paintings, created in 1901 in pastel, is a monochromatic blue painting that evokes a feeling of nostalgia and melancholy.

The themes of solitude, poverty, and despair are omnipresent in the painting. The mother and her baby are sitting on the ground, surrounded by empty blue wallpaper. Nevertheless, the mother holds her child because it is what she cherishes most in the world. She embodies love and compassion. This work is one of the most moving of Picasso's "Blue Period." It carries a heavy emotional burden and its plot mentally presses the mind. This illustration of maternal love represents the love that a mother can feel, and is often associated with Mother's Day. It is also used as an illustration for Mother's Day, to celebrate this day dedicated to love and family ties.

4. Maternitat, Salvador Dali


"Maternitat" by Salvador Dali is a painting that depicts a scene of maternity. This painting is a tribute to Mother's Day and maternal love. The canvas is dominated by shades of pale blue and pink, creating a calm and serene atmosphere. In the foreground of the painting, we can see a mother holding her child while tenderly rocking him. The baby is wrapped in a white blanket and appears safe in the arms of his mother. In the background, we can see a window overlooking a mountain landscape, creating a peaceful ambiance.

The composition of the painting is very dynamic, with curved lines that create a fluid and harmonious movement. The details are very precise, such as the folds of the blanket or the mother's hair, which give an impression of realism and life. Overall, "Maternitat" is a beautiful painting that celebrates maternal love and Mother's Day. This painting is a perfect tribute for all mothers who deserve to be honored for their love and devotion to their children.

Maternitat, work of Dali for the Mother's Day
Mother and child, painting by Van Gogh celebrating mothers



Vincent Van Gogh's painting "Mother and Child," painted in 1885, depicts a seated woman holding her child in her arms. The mother and child are wrapped in a shawl, creating an intimate and protective atmosphere. The colors used in the canvas are mainly shades of brown and black, with touches of white and pale yellow. The thick and energetic brushstrokes add texture and depth to the image. Regarding Mother's Day, this painting by Van Gogh could be considered a magnificent visual poem celebrating maternal love. The soft and curved lines of the mother and child's silhouette reflect the tenderness and protection that a mother offers her child. This work represents a touching tribute to the unique relationship between a mother and her child.



Pierre-Auguste Renoir's painting "Mother and Child" is an oil on canvas painted in 1881, measuring 121 x 85.4 cm. It is currently exhibited at the Barnes Foundation in the United States. It depicts a scene from the daily life of a mother breastfeeding her child in a bourgeois interior. The two main characters are represented with the typical characteristics of women painted by Renoir: roundness, curves, and beautiful faces.

Renoir's painting belongs to the Impressionist movement, which is characterized by a spontaneous representation of daily life and nature. Although the work is not specifically related to Mother's Day, it is often associated with this occasion because of its theme of motherhood. The soft and tender features of the mother and child reflect the love and affection a mother can feel for her child, thus reminding us of the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child that is celebrated on Mother's Day. Renoir is known for producing many paintings depicting scenes from daily life, especially of the French bourgeoisie, in which he seeks to capture the atmosphere and luminosity of the moment. "Mother and Child" is one of his most well-known paintings on the theme of motherhood and a perfect example of his characteristic Impressionist style.

Mother and child, work of Renoir, representing a mother nursing her baby. This work represents the maternal love.
My parents and myself, a famous work by David Hockney celebrating maternal love for Mother's Day

7. My parents and Myself, David Hockney


The artwork "My Parents and Myself" by David Hockney is an unfinished oil painting from 1975. This canvas depicts the artist's parents, Kenneth and Laura Hockney, in an intimate scene of daily life. The artist also inserts his self-portrait working on the painting. Although this artwork is not directly related to Mother's Day, it celebrates the artist's love and affection for his parents, especially for his mother Laura, who has often been depicted in his works. This painting was first exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London in 2020.

8. mother and child, Gustave Klimt

Gustav Klimt's artwork "Mother and Child" is a painting created in 1905, measuring 180 x 180 cm and housed at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome since 1912. This artwork is part of the "Three Ages of Woman" series, in which Klimt portrays the life of a woman from birth to death. In "Mother and Child," we can see a young mother lying on a bed with her child on her stomach. The mother's body is nude, while the child is swaddled in white fabric. Klimt's use of colors is typical of his style: meticulous golden, silver, and brown tones are applied to the canvas. This artwork reflects the Art Nouveau aesthetic that Klimt favored, as well as his taste for decorative motifs, visible in the drapery of the bed and the floral patterns in the background of the canvas.

Mother and child, work by Gustave Klimt, to celebrate mothers on Mother's Day
The work of Egon Schiele, mother with two children, for Mother's Day

9. Mother with two children II, Egon Schiele



The artwork "Mother with Two Children II" by Egon Schiele, created in 1915, is an oil on canvas depicting a mother with her two children. This painting is housed at the Leopold Museum in Vienna. Schiele draws inspiration from traditional depictions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, but he portrays the mother with a troubled rather than serene appearance. This work expresses Schiele's characteristic Expressionist style, which delves into human identity and the tragic nature of human destiny.

10. The Madonna of the Carnation, Leonardo da vinci

The Madonna of the Carnation is an oil painting by Leonardo da Vinci, created around 1473 and currently on display at the Alte Pinakothek in Munich, Germany. This artwork portrays Mary standing with a carnation in her hand and the infant Jesus, drawn to the flower, sitting on a cushion. The Virgin's clothing is highly ornate, resembling that of a queen, and is painted with great attention to detail. Her hairstyle is also intricate, showcasing da Vinci's studies of the human head. The Madonna of the Carnation could be considered a fitting artwork to celebrate Mother's Day due to its portrayal of Mary with her child Jesus.



The Madonna with the Carnation is an oil painting by Leonardo da Vinci, painted around 1473, on display at the Alte Pinakothek in Munich, Germany. This work depicts Mary standing with a carnation in her hand and the infant Jesus, attracted by the flower, sitting on a cushion.
In conclusion, paintings that celebrate moms for Mother's Day are timeless works of art that highlight maternal love. From mother love paintings to Mother's Day baby paintings to Mother's Day illustrations, these artistic creations remind us of the importance of this unique and precious relationship. Whether as a gift or simply as a reminder, Mother's Day paintings are a touching tribute to all the moms of the world.
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