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Beach or the mountain? A response through paintings ! - 12/07/2021

This usually happens with the arrival of the holidays...Are you familiar with it, this eternal dilemma which makes us hesitate between the sea and mountains, between Annecy and Nice, between hiking and taking a dip? How about we help you decide this year? This is the theme for our new painting collection, which you must discover in galleries and on our website from the 13th July until the 26th July!

A painting collection between sea and mountain

The painter artists chosen by Carré d’artistes for this summery collection are all fascinated by landscapes. Their styles are very different, so are their subjects...Some represent the sea at times and mountains from time to time, depending on their moods. But all of them suggest a getaway through their art!


In terms of the sea, the first argument is suggested by Liisa Corbière, who paints seaside landscapes flooded with light. The oil painting and its intense colors highlight the blue and ocher landscapes of the South of France...

While Jacques Majos likes painting marine landscapes: these are more peaceful and calm, they observe the slow oscillations of boats which come back to the port and the beautiful homes of Brittany. Do you like to bathe?

The Spanish artist Sergi Castignani will be able to convince you through his superb marine compositions, filled with swimmers, divers and sail amateurs! He uses light colors, along with thin lines and the figures are on the move. One is already on holiday with this artist! 




In terms of mountains, the Chinese artist San Qian has many arguments up his sleeve, with hilly and steep landscapes, where trees hold onto rocks and where the fog winds its way through land-forms...A genuine beauty, in the icon-painting Chinese tradition!

As for Jerome Guillet, he paints cities as often as seas and faraway mountains. His works intensely vibrate due to dazzling lights and remind us that regardless of the destination, the journey itself is worth a visit. 


So have you chosen your future holiday destination? Better yet, the painting which shall decorate your living room? 

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