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Californian trend

Los Angeles, the beaches, San Francisco and Las Vegas... So many mythical places that California has to offer. Our artists draw inspiration from them, revisiting them or sublimating them with vibrant, warm colors that blend perfectly with your interior. From living room to bedroom to kitchen, a new window opens on the California escape. Let yourself be carried away by the soul of this American region... Because that's what art is all about: a journey to new horizons. 

Discover this collection of unique works of art, California-style paintings, the new decorating trend for your home!

(35 Artworks)

35 Artworks

californian paining trend house decoration

paintings with a californian touch: the trendiest decorating style

Anyone who has ever crossed the Golden Gate Bridge knows what a captivating city San Francisco is. Just like it, Los Angeles leaves an indelible mark on all those who walk on its soil. The Walk of fame, the Fox plaza, the Griffith Observatory,... So many emblematic places that can be found on the paintings of California.

In the field of decoration, it has been several years that the painting of California magnifies the spaces. Living rooms as well as bedrooms become immediately warmer in the presence of these paintings. At the same time, is it really surprising when you know that the theme of this trend is "put some sun on your walls"?


What if you invited the California sun into your home with your wall decor?

Practically speaking, what is a California painting? Well, it is an artistic trend that pushes painters to represent scenes of life in California. For example, in the well-known "Vision 2", Solveiga immortalizes the delicate swaying of palm trees in the wind. Even as the canvas freezes, the viewer is reminded of the murmuring ocean in the background and the caress of the sun.

It is there all the force of the painting of California. It represents moments whose magic lies in their real existence. Ask anyone who has spent time on the American coast and they will describe villas similar to the one in Al Freno's "Agreeable afternoon". Likewise, if you move slightly away from the beaches, you may come across a crossroads that looks just like the one depicted in Henry Jones"San Francisco spring".

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Even if you were captivated by Carlo Trevisan's "The diver", you still hesitate to take the plunge. What if, in the end, the Californian style doesn't suit you? What if this painting doesn't fit in your decoration? So many questions left unanswered that you procrastinate. Once you have solved these mysteries, you will have no doubt: California is calling you.

Bringing the California sunshine inside

When luck seems to have deserted you, there's nothing better than a California painting to put a smile on your face. On each of these paintings, aesthetes can guess a bit of sunshine and a hint of good mood. And for that reason alone, you won't be able to get enough of Kedarone's paintings like "Snoopy relax".

In these dreary times, when the mood is not so good, the Californian paintings allow you to keep smiling. Fresh, light, they encourage good humor and letting go. How can you not smile when contemplating Kikayou's "Mickey Surf", Lau Blou's "Sparkling Swim" or M.'s "Exotic Surf"? It's simply impossible.

In case you want to brighten up your everyday life, look no further. Install a Californian canvas in your home and get back to being cheerful.


An accessible contemporary art form

Because the setting is familiar, everyone in the audience can make an emotional connection. Even without having been to Los Angeles, the creativity and thirst for freedom emanating from paintings such as "Palm trees swaying in the sea breeze" (Dandapat Swarup) is noticeable.

In his day, Andy Warhol was heavily criticized for creating popular art. Decades later, while his works endure, those of his contemporaries have almost all been forgotten. Think about it... Sometimes simplicity is the key to longevity.


Paintings for all types of decoration

In a living room, "Snoopy America" by Kedarone will make an excellent impression on your visitors while sophisticated the place. Hanging on the wall of a bedroom, the same painting will encourage you to relax after a hard day at work. How many contemporary canvases have such versatility? Very few. For this argument alone, you should give California paintings a chance.

Unique art for...

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