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Artworks for a red decoration

This selection of red artworks may well seduce you. Never shy, passionate and fearless, it is an eye-catcher. Red is indulgent, dramatic and exciting. In any case, it does not leave you cold.
No use warning you, it's already too late, you took a bite of the apple.

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(2104 Artworks)

2104 Artworks

red paintings for a red decoration
Red paintings, a powerful decorative element for your home

Why choose redpaintings in your home decor ? 
Le rouge en décoration d’intérieur est une option populaire pour ajouter une touche de couleur vibrante à votre déco. La couleur rouge est une couleur chaude, associée à la passion, à l'énergie et à la vitalité, ce qui la rend idéale pour créer une ambiance chaleureuse et accueillante dans votre maison. Les œuvres d’art rouge peuvent également être utilisées pour souligner certains éléments de la décoration, comme une cheminée ou un canapé. En choisissant des tableaux rouges pour votre décoration, vous pourrez apporter une touche d'audace et d'originalité à votre intérieur, tout en créant une atmosphère agréable et confortable. N'hésitez plus et optez pour les tableaux rouges pour ajouter de la vie à votre décoration !  

Red in interior design is a popular option for adding a vibrant splash of color to your decor. The color red is a warm color, associated with passion, energy and vitality, making it ideal for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home. Red artwork can also be used to accentuate certain elements of the decor, such as a fireplace or a sofa. By choosing red paintings for your decoration, you will be able to bring a touch of boldness and originality to your interior, while creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Don't hesitate any longer and opt for red artworks to add life to your decoration!  


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Integrating red paintings into your decor can be as simple or as complex as you like. If you have a room that is already painted red, red paintings can be integrated in a harmonious and coherent way. If you have a room decorated in softer colors, you can use the red paintings to add a bold splash of color. It's also important to consider the size and style of the paintings you choose, so that they match your decor and provide a cohesive look.  


Decorating ideas for a red wall decor


  • Red wall color: If you want a red wall decor that is both impactful and easy to achieve, simply paint a wall in your living room red. Choose a bright, bold color, like firecracker red, to create an accent wall that immediately draws attention.


  • Serial red paintings: to add a graphic touch to your red wall decor, hang several red paintings in a series. This can be a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement, depending on your personal style.



  • Duo of paintings: to add a touch of contrast to your red wall decor, hang a red painting in a duo with a painting of a different color, such as white or black. This can add depth and interest to your wall decor.


  • Combining colors: for a more complex red wall decor, combine several different colors, like gray and beige, to create an interesting color palette. The paintings in the Works of Art for Red Decor collection of Carré d'artistes are a great place to start exploring this idea.

You can explore the Carré d'artistes' Works of Art for Red Decor collection to find inspiring ideas for your red wall decor. Whether you opt for a simple or complex decor, red paintings are a great way to add color and vibrancy to your red decor.



If you want to add a touch of red color to your living room decor, there are many ways to do so. Here are some tips to help you create a successful red living room decor :


  • Focus on quality: when buying red decor items, make sure you invest in high-quality items. High quality materials can make all the difference in the overall quality of your decor.
  • Balance the color: if you opt for red living room decor, make sure to balance it with more neutral colors to avoid overdoing it. Beige is a popular choice for balancing the color red, as it is both neutral and soothing. A red and beige living room decor is a great choice for a warm and cocooning decor.
  • Play with textures: to add depth and interest to your red decor, play with different textures. For example, you could opt for a red leather sofa with beige wool pillows.
  • Avoid overdoing it: while red can be a very strong color, it's important not to overdo it. Avoid painting every wall in your living room red or other shades of red and instead choose an accent wall or red decor items to add color.

Using these tips, you can easily add a splash of red color to your living room decor to create a vibrant and welcoming living space. The combination of red and beige can bring unparalleled warmth and energy to your living space.



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