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Yu Huan Huan
  • France
  • Painter

I love the poetry, finesse and delicacy of calligraphy.
With a background combining calligraphy and painting, Huan Huan YU distinguishes herself through works that blend the art of calligraphy with the representation of landscapes. The artist combines traditional Chinese painting with watercolor to create canvases that are undeniably inspired by Chinese culture, its symbols and representations. Using traditional splashes of color and Chinese inks, Huan Huan Yu seeks to give real depth to her works. They are full of poetry, finesse and delicacy.
His first inspiration was the beauty of calligraphy. As a child, unsatisfied with his handwriting, he would ask his brother to write his name on his new books. Since then, he has always persevered to improve the aesthetics of his handwriting. The artist learned Art in high school, and spent the last two years traveling in China. He went on to attend an art university and met his first calligraphy teacher in Xi An. While discovering different artistic currents, Huan Huan YU was touched by traditional Chinese art, landscape, the beauty and energy of calligraphy, the space and imagination that a drop of ink can create.

  • 2017
    Start learning Chinese traditional art from an artist named Lining
    Xi An , France
  • 2002
    Study Art
    Weishan , China
  • 1984
    Born in Weishan
    Jining , China
(260 Artworks)

260 Artworks

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