Small paintings Art singulier a traduire Mixed Life style Visage 2 by De Sousa Miguel

Visage 2
Visage 2Visage 2
Visage 2Visage 2

Description artwork

The contemporary artwork Visage 2 is a modern painting from the artist Miguel de Sousa. This is a contemporary painting, unique and originale, Figurative style.


  • - Style : Art singulier
  • - Medium : Mixed
  • - Compatible frames : 13 x 13 cm
  • - Subject : Life style
  • - Format : small
  • - Size : 13 x 13 cm
  • - Main colors : Blue
  • - Mounting type : Opent mat
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De Sousa Miguel
De Sousa Miguel France

Miguel spent his childhood in the northern suburbs of Paris and the Portuguese countryside. He had a passion for drawing and even won a regional competition for Mother's Day. His family, however, did not approve of his choice of an artistic career and encouraged him to pursue technical studies, but the young man did not plan on living an imposed life. He left the path chosen by his parents to engage in various small and varied jobs. A drawing workshop encouraged him reconnect with his vocation; he would be artist and nothing else.
After studying graphic design, Miguel worked as a draftsman and then as a graphic designer for an advertising agency. He also illustrated children’s books and, in 1994, he turned to decoration. He produced theatre and cinema sets and participated in various interior design projects. The artist now devotes his life to painting, as he lives and works in Rognes, Provence.
As a direct spectator to his father's process, his son tenderly describes Miguel in full creation: ""In the small sink in his workshop a few brushes lay abandoned, Miguel goes to clean them, gathering acrylic tubes, glue, pigments and stardust. On the floor he picks up a wooden board and begins to compose his color recipes, creating textures. Miguel begins working. He adds colors, scrapes the thicknesses, backs up, moves forward and starts again. Arming himself with a blunt instrument, he digs the material and repeats the gesture. A shy form blushes as Miguel accentuates it, another character pales with envy. My little brother approaches ""Is it...a cat? ""he asks, indicating the bottom of the canvas where the cat had slipped in."" “A cat! What is he doing in this story? Wait, I'll clarify this matter ...""
Miguel works spontaneously and lets his emotions guide his work along with his imagination. His vaporous compositions have something surreal and mysterious about them. They lead us into a sensitive and poetic universe, far from the worldly concerns of everyday life.

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