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BYM | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • BYM | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
  • Belgium
  • Painter

The task of art today is to put chaos into order. Theodor W Adorno
Self-taught and versatile, Bym is a contemporary artist with original and colorful works. From an early age, she's been bursting with energy, swears by sports and loves discovering the world around her. Routine bores her, and she thrives on creative activities. In 2022, after a career as a specialized educator, she took up painting. Very quickly, this new hobby became a daily passion and then a true vocation. Today, Bym meets her public in her first exhibitions in France and Belgium.
With her colorful, dynamic works, Bym shares her taste for the unknown, the unexpected and encounters. In a highly graphic style, she plays with nuances and shapes to create surprise in her audience. The artist mainly uses acrylic and ink, but loves to experiment with different types of canvas, paper and sometimes even other supports such as walls or objects. Highly sensitive to her surroundings, she draws her inspiration from their architecture and ambience to reflect the essence and magic of the places she discovers in her paintings. Particularly drawn to cities rich in street art, she is also passionate about vivid, oversized creations. Always sparkling and original, Bym's creations delightfully pique our curiosity and are a veritable ode to escape and travel.
  • 2023
    Group exhibition at the Festival des arts
    Semeffe, Belgium
  • 2023
    Group exhibition at Jacques Franck
    Saint-Gilles, France
  • 2022
    Expo only au Cupper Café
    Liège, Belgium
  • 2022
    Group exhibition at Réservoir Bar
    Brussels, Belgium
  • 1985
    Brussels, Belgium
(40 Artworks)

40 Artworks

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