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Long live abstract art in May!

In art, it was synonymous with modernity. Emerged during the early 20th century, abstractionism allowed artists to break the rules: no need for narration, technique, or symbolism but a free expression of colors and lines. Some were radical and took things up a notch and invented monochromes. Others turned abstractionism into a sensual beginning based on bold chromatics, thick materials, bewitching but also purely sensual… 
For this month of May 2021 and because art has never seemed this important: we are devoting an entire collection of paintings to this founding theme. Don’t forget: on Sunday 30th May 2021, it’s Mother’s day! The perfect opportunity to gift your sweet mom, a present you have chosen with all your heart, which takes her passion into account, her favorite colors, not to mention a unique atmosphere of her place…It’s your move now to choose the ideal painting! 


(34 Artworks)

34 Artworks



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