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Nature By Marika


My selection of art is inspired by nature. 

I am an avid hiker and love to swim in our mountain water-holes or any other body of water. I am lucky to live in beautiful Sedona, Arizona which is a mecca for year round hiking. There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails among the beautiful red rocks. Our Sedona Gallery is at the gorgeous Tlaquepaque Shopping Center and is close to many of my favorite trails. My love of nature originates from childhood: I grew up in Finland and roamed  freely in the woods,  by the lakes and the sea. Our idea of a good time as children was to try and get lost in the woods while picking berries and or mushrooms to eat.

Of all the works I selected, my favorite has to be Cindy Carrillo’s 39” oil on canvas titled “Sky Ranch Vista”. It is one of the most amazing views in Sedona, Arizona and it must be experienced in person by anyone visiting here! Being a native Arizonan, Cindy really captures the colors, the beauty and the feeling of Arizona. She paints en plein aire usually but these larger pieces she paints from her studies in her studio. I really appreciate her looser, more impressionistic style that leaves enough for the viewer to create along with the artist.
(13 Artworks)

13 Artworks

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