New - Payment in 3 instalments from €500 available

Fair and not only square

We are used to being square: it is an essential part of our identity. Our signature format, which is atypical and even more unique for our clients, sets us apart and offers an often uncharted territory to our artists. But since we also like to think outside the box and reinvent ourselves, to offer more choice and possibilities to artists and our loyal customers, we have decided to offer you all types of formats.

From now on, there are no more limits to the creativity of artists, and to the possibilities of finding a work that will sublimate your interior, whatever the dimensions you had in mind!
From the classic rectangle, to large horizontal or vertical panoramas, discover new paintings by your favourite artists. But be warned, you may be surprised!
(85 Artworks)

85 Artworks

Unique art for...

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