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In the eyes of a child

Art is mostly a question of emotion, of feeling for us. What if we listened to our inner child and let our heart speak? So did 8-year-old Tessa, while looking for her favorite artworks on the site. She shows us her firm favorites, a selection filled with joy and candor and highlights a child’s imagination. Embark on a world where beauty reigns by bringing together fantasy and realism, abstract harmonies, and zesty pop art, through a lot of joy and sweetness.

We asked her a few questions about her choices, and she answered bluntly in a very natural manner:
Why is art important?
“It's important because through art and paintings, you can invent anything you want”.

How do you feel when you see an artwork you like?
“It brings me joy, emotions, and it makes me want to buy it so that I can put it in my room! »

Your favorite artwork in the selection and why?
The Panther (by Antoine Seurot) because I love big cats and I like its spotted coat. »
(14 Artworks)

14 Artworks

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