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Tribute to Gerhard Richter

Collection inspired by the artworks of Gerhard Richter

gerhard richter painting art

The collection presented here is a vibrant tribute to the German virtuoso, Gerhard Richter. Each of our artists revisits with talent the universe of the painter by proposing what looks like personal variations around his major artworks. Without ever falling into the simple copy, they reappropriate the universe of the painter to infuse it with a little of their soul and their sensitivity.
Discover unique pieces created by a handful of inspired artists, respecting the gesture and the pictorial and philosophical approach of Gerhard Richter, for paintings overflowing with emotion.

Influence of Gerhard Richter's abstract paintings

Based primarily on the painter's abstract period, these colorful works are as powerful as they are decorative, and will inevitably enhance the look of your home. They will also make great gifts for your loved ones, whether they are art lovers or novices in the field.


Through his sprawling work and monumental career, he explores figurative art, photography and hyper-realism, before finally arriving at abstraction, which established him as a leading artist. Between unbridled wildness and poetry, his abstract canvases, frank and intimate, display real explosions of color, like a catharsis shattering of necessity. A very organic art which undoubtedly finds its roots in the tortured existence of the master, marked by the History of his country, and in his deep anguish.

Discover below the works of current artists, true masters of abstract painting!

Biography of Gerhard Richter

Rightly considered one of the most important living artists on the international scene, Richter was born in Dresden in 1932, in a Germany in the throes of the radical political changes that would bring about its ruin just over a decade later. Initially trained in figurative art, he finished his studies at the Fine Arts at a time when socialist realism was becoming the dominant style in his country. With a keen interest in abstraction in general and in the action painting of Jackson Pollock, the painter moved west in the 1960s.


Carré d'artiste, contemporary art accessible to all

The philosophy of Carré d'artistes galleries is to make art more accessible, by breaking the elitist image that it can convey. To do this, we make several commitments that ensure our public a more direct relationship to art:

  • - To make available to as many people as possible pieces by talented artists, with a personality and an asserted universe, whose creations translate a great personal and aesthetic investment.
  • To create a warm and friendly environment, whether on site in our network of more than 30 galleries around the world or on our website which has more than 15,000 works available for sale.
  • - To propose unique, original and certified pieces, blog articles about the art world as well as portraits of artists to offer you a greater proximity with the creators.
  • - To make art affordable, by proposing prices based on the format of the work, the size becoming the only criterion of evaluation, for a perfect transparency. All our works have a square format ranging from 13 cm to 120 cm on a side, for prices starting at 105 euros.
Thanks to Carré d'artistes, the art market emancipates itself from its selective side and opens up to all those who wish to be interested without exception.

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19 Artworks

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