Painting Le mystérieux by Valot Lionel | Painting

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The original and unique artwork Le mystérieux is a creation from the contemporary artist Lionel Valot.


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Valot Lionel
Valot Lionel France
Lionel was born in Doubs and has been painting since the age of twelve. He is self-taught and passionate, and works tirelessly to develop a dreamlike figurative work, full of poetry and fantasy, in the calm of his studio located in the heart of the city of Bourges. Drawing plays a central role in the artist's approach as it is the quality of his drawing that will determine the free interpretation of his works by the spectator. So, as he himself writes, "for more than fifty years I have had a "library" of drawings that I constantly rework, my wish being to create the most precise and complete images possible". Lionel is a member of the Circle of European Artists and dedicates his pictorial research to the symbolisation of harmony, of the passage of time, which everyone can freely interpret themselves.
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