Painting Avocette élégante by Laurence Jovys | Painting

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This unique and original contemporary artwork "Avocette élégante" on the subject of Animals has been created by the contemporary artist Laurence Jovys.
The artist used Mixed medium on Plastic to create this Figurative, Small size painting.


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Laurence Jovys
Laurence Jovys France
A stay in New Caledonia introduced Laurence JOVYS to the delicate and unique art of sand painting. When she returned to the city, she threw herself into blending her love for natural sand painting with her passion for the sea. Sea creatures, beaches, sea birds, seaweed... Her pieces have an air of Japanese engravings about them and are made from over 230 rare types of sand from all over the world. Depending on its geographical and geological origin, the sand she uses has a whole host of colours so the artist can capture the emotions and themes that she loves.
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