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Reflections of creative minds by Morfo Katsantonis

Morfo, a passionate gallery owner from The Hague, presents us with an instant selection, where the choice of each work was made in a split second. And she makes no secret of it! Because art is an emotion, she talks about an instinctive choice: " I have learned not to think about it, just trust my feelings. Maybe that is my message: choose art with your intuition, do not think or reason too much. You can trust your own personal taste, as you do when choosing a book or a nice wine."

Nevertheless, her influences and tastes are mainly oriented towards art brut, a very free and spontaneous style (as well). "To me, Art Brut is very honest and a direct reflection of the things that are going on in the artist’s mind. It is often very playful but can also have a dark edge. " So let's find out what goes on in the minds of the artists highlighted by Morfo, and try to unravel the mystery of these creative minds...
(14 Artworks)

14 Artworks

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