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De Ponte Sandro | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • De Ponte Sandro | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

De Ponte Sandro

  • Spain
  • Painter
I like to paint couples, to emphasize values ??like love and friendship. I have always tried to give my painting a lot of tenderness.
Born to a Mexican mother and an Italian father, Sandro grew up in the handmade paper workshop run by his father and brothers. This experience allowed him to be in constant contact with sculptors, teachers and students of the arts. At a very early age he experienced the need to create and took courses in drawing and printmaking. He experimented with a variety of techniques thanks to the paper that was at his disposal and found his style and artistic language very early on. Sandro made several trips to Europe, including Italy and Switzerland. In Milan, he studied printmaking with master Giorgio Upiglio. In Geneva, he created "lamalgamme", an exhibition venue for his paintings. Although unfamiliar with the city, he settled in Barcelona where he found the inspiration and artistic activity that finally led him to stay.
Sandro's art is influenced by contemporary movement of Barcelona. The artist likes warm colours and hues of "ochre" and "red" dominate his work. He paints with acrylic, and using water, reworks the material, creating works with an abundance of texture. Human is at the centre of his work and is always represented with great tenderness. Virility is represented by male characters, while women symbolize the feminine side of every individual. He likes to paint couples, emphasizing values such as love and friendship. At times he paints single individuals in order to represent certain universal feelings such as fear, happiness, dreams, freedom, loneliness, sadness... Passion remains the theme of predilection for this artist of humanity.
  • 2009
    Exhibition at the Create Gallery 21
    Barcelona, Spain
  • 1996
    Engraving workshop with master Giorgio Upiglio
    Milan, Italy
  • 1994
    1st exhibition at the Casa Lamm Cultural Centre
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • 1975
    Mexico City, Mexico


(26 Artworks)

26 Artworks



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