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Sculpture Kurt Cobain by Sufyr | Sculpture Street art Graffiti

Description artwork

This unique and original contemporary art piece "CAT1 Kurt Cobain" was created by the contemporary artist Sufyr.
The artist used different techniques to create this sculpture with a singular style by diverting his paint cans.
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    Style : Street art

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    Medium : Graffiti

  • - Exhibited in Gallery : Strasbourg Dôme
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Sufyr France
Alexandre, alias SUFYR, is an artist from the Var, born in the late 80s in Fréjus.
Curious, he will exercise several jobs and will initiate himself to various sports practices,
However, a passion, born in childhood, has always accompanied him: drawing.
Alexandre trained in the art of tattooing in the early 2010s, before quickly turning to painting, street art, street-art.
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