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4 gift ideaos for a decoration lover


During the holiday season, it's always hard to find the right gift for someone. Whether they are a loved one or just an acquaintance, it's natural to want to find the perfect gift to please them. However, finding the right idea seems overwhelming with the many possibilities. If you want to spend money, why not give art?

The decoration of a home should express the personality of its owner. It can also be a reminder of someone who is important to them. Since it is in the center of the house, it always catches the eye. In this article, discover our selection of four gift ideas.


Who do you give a gift to?



decoration gift idea sculptures


If you are looking for a good gift idea for home decoration, sculptures are an excellent choice. This accessory can be installed in any room of the house. You can put it on your bedside table, a shelf in the kitchen or in a corner of the living room. It is the perfect gift for someone looking for a new layout.

However, it is necessary to know how to choose which sculpture to buy. It is necessary to take into account :

- Its size 

- Its color 

- Its shape 

- What it represents

To help you, here are some sculptures and trends that you can offer. They can be good gift ideas for the kitchen or the living room.

1. A multicolored bear


This is a sculpture that represents a bear painted in different colors. Of contemporary type, it is one of the most interesting gifts for home. Despite its multiple colors, it is possible to see that blue, yellow and pink dominate the most. If you know someone who loves comic books, this gift will be perfect for them.


2. A King Kong with a red love slip


This piece is a representation of the famous King Kong gorilla from the movie world. However, the creator of the sculpture has given it a sexy look to match the times. It is a large statuette with measurements of 53x37x21 cm. The colors blue and red dominate this model. 


3. A Betty Popeye doll


People who watched the early cartoons know Betty and Popeye well. These characters have resurfaced with this contemporary style piece. Several techniques were used to create this masterpiece.


4. A colorful picsou


This representation of the richest duck in the world is the perfect gift for someone who is a fan. She can install it in her kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. The sculpture is contemporary in style and goes perfectly with industrial decor.


Les Tableaux


Les tableaux font partie des meilleures idées cadeaux déco pour la maison. Cette forme d'œuvre d'art est l'une des plus appréciées au monde. Chez Carré d’artistes, bénéficiez d’un large choix de sculptures pour tous les budgets.

 Le choix d'un tableau à offrir doit dépendre de :

  • La qualité de la toile ;

  • L'intérêt qu'il peut susciter ;

  • La couleur, la taille, la forme ;

  • L'authenticité du tableau.

 Chez le Carré d'artistes, vous trouverez des tableaux peints par des artistes talentueux. Il s’agit d’un cadeau original pour décorer la salle à manger, le salon ou la chambre de votre ami(e). 

Voici les meilleures offres durant la période de Noël.


idée cadeau déco

1. Abstract paintings


Abstract painting is a form of artwork that expresses the artist's feelings. It is often perceived as a doodle or a simple coloring. However, beyond appearances, emotions are hidden. You will find on our online store some representations like: the First Ray, the Afeto Portugal or the Abstraction 5610.


2. Acrylic paints


Acrylic is the basic material to obtain beautiful paintings. It has been used since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso. Nowadays, young people are using this technique to produce masterpieces. In our collection you will find different acrylic paintings such as: Devaki, Nubles Del Campo or Eternal Return.


3. Singular art paintings


Singular art paintings are considered deviant art, which does not respect the rules of art. They are composed of a mixture of colors and present deviant caricatures. The paintings in this collection are works in their own right, both surprising and original.


4. Illustration paintings


These are other art forms used in painting pictures. They are often significant and representative. The artists who operate in this field take the concept of their predecessors by painting an event in their life. For example, you have Cabins on the Beach, El Descans or The Carousel.


decorative gift idea




The best home decor gift ideas are personalized artworks. Among other things, these are artworks made to order. That is to say that the customer orders himself his representation. Thus, he chooses:

  • The colors to be used;


  • The size;


  • The form of the art;


  • The artist to contact.

It is necessary to make an appointment in advance to describe what you are looking for. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to get inspired by the different models that are available in our collection.

1. The figurative collection


As its name suggests, this collection is based on figurative representations. It contains paintings and sculptures of various kinds. You will find ideas for gifts for the living room or the bedroom. Here are some examples of famous works: the Malabar Café, the For ever, and the Latas de atun.


2. The pop art collection


The pop art collection contains contemporary works by several artists. In this art form you will find famous figures like Super Mario, Snoopy, Homer Simpson. You will also find pop stars such as Johnny Hallyday, Britney Spears, and many other celebrities. It is also possible to have a portrait of yourself in this collection.


3. The street art collection


For a long time, street art has been the subject of controversy among artists and its real qualification. However, this art is one of the best forms that exist in the world. You will find young artists who excel in their field. Street art contains many works such as: the Girl Power, The girl with long hair or The chouf.


4. The landscape collection


This collection contains unforgettable landscapes. You will recognize many places in the world. These are not only landscape illustrations, because behind each work there are emotions. You will surely find inspiration for your personalized artwork by browsing the models available on our platform.




For this decoration gift idea, it is rather to offer gift cards so that the recipient can buy the work of his choice. This is a good idea, especially for a Christmas gift, because he can buy the present he wants from our galleries or directly on the website. You can also advise him by giving him ideas for home decoration gifts.


Decorating is a way to express yourself in your home and feel good about it. However, finding the right home decorating gift ideas is not easy. Carré d'artistes gathers artists from all over the world. They give you the opportunity to enjoy renowned works of art. Moreover, a certificate of authenticity is delivered with each of our products when you buy them.

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idée cadeau déco
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