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Go for the metal wall decoration


Once confined to the industrial style, metal wall decor has gradually gained ground. At the same time, is it really surprising? Hanging one of these metallic designs on a wall is like bringing an additional relief. At the same time, although cold, this material has the incredible ability to give a soul to any room.


Do you...

  • ...look for the painting that will make all your guests say "wow"?

  • for a strong piece of furniture that will add character to your living room?

  • ...want to bring some dynamism to a decoration that is a little too smooth?

  • ...aspire to create an atypical universe in your home?

  • ...look for a truly original painting that reflects your personality?

Don't move. The metallic wall decoration is exactly what you need. Perfect for interior decoration, it gives a modern style to your cozy nest.
black metal wall decoration face

Whats is a metal wall decor?


As the name suggests, this is an art piece made entirely of metal. Yes, you read that right. While classic paintings are painted on canvas, this wall decor is made of rough materials. Iron, brass, pewter, copper, lead and bronze are some of the most common materials used.

Much more elaborate than a simple metal wall plaque or traditional world maps, metal decorative objects are reinvented as trends change to give a touch of originality that everyone would like on their walls. When we think metal, we usually associate sculptures. Bronze sculpture or sculpture in any other metal, but the paintings are not left out. Made in gold, silver or copper colors, they fit perfectly in this trend.

If the metal paintings or metal sculptures are so popular, it is because they have a "physical presence". What do we mean by this? That they are rich enough in texture to bring character to a room. Not that conventional paintings don't decorate, but let's just say that ferrous designs have more charm.

In addition to their innate aura, these paintings are also appreciated for their iridescent sheen. Because of the ions present in the painting, the hues change slightly depending on the viewing angle. And if you're worried that you won't be able to blend this wall decoration into your home, think again. In fact, metal is much more versatile than it seems.


Quels univers créer avec des tableaux métalliques ?


La réponse est extrêmement simple : tous. Au risque de vous surprendre, les tableaux faits en acier sont aussi versatiles que des caméléons. Que vous désiriez créer un cocon hygge ou affirmer votre penchant pour le style industriel, ils s'adapteront parfaitement.



A UNIQUE METAL wall decor?

How come you haven't yet given in to metallic wall decor? With Carré d'artistes, it is possible to find metallic creations made in all styles. Industrial, vintage, Scandinavian,... This, with the guarantee of obtaining a real unique work of art, that nobody else will have at home. It's now or never to give free rein to your fantasies with a painting made of ferrous material. You won't regret it.


The industrial style


It's only natural that metal wall decor fits in perfectly with the industrial style. It's easy to create a loft-like atmosphere with one of these canvases, especially if it's black. Imagine for a moment...

On a wall, two sconces are fixed from one end to the other. Right in the middle, perfectly lit, is Mestres Sergi's Snoopy in gold and black. Dare to say you weren't touched by this decor.

Very rootsy, paintings made of steel are a great way to play the industrial style card. To make them stand out even more, you can put them on a brick wall. By blending perfectly with the colors of the latter, paintings have even more charm. And that's just one example.

industrial metal wall decor
minimalist metal wall decor

The minimalist style


The strength of the minimalist is to say a lot with very little. With metal decorations, the followers of this trend have found another channel of expression. Yes, it is possible to create a refined interior with steel canvas.

A white canvas with a few pops of color, 658 by Naen fits perfectly into any decor. Sleek yet full of character, this creation by the French artist instantly enhances any decor. And beware, it is far from being the only one to have this ability...

In the same spirit, minimalists will appreciate Mickey Black and White by Cornée Patrick. With this pop painting, the artist parodies Banksy's masked flower thrower. Simple but effective, this design painting will be perfect in a living room or in an office.


The Scandinavian style

Borrow the serene side of the Nordics by hanging a wire cloth in your home. Perfectly blending warmth and cold, they are the epitome of this "me time" way of living.

And now you're probably wondering which metal painting to install for a "hygge" effect.

It's all about perspective. For some interior designers, the canvas most likely to help you achieve this goal is New Year's by Roma Gaia. Measuring 13 x 13 cm, it depicts a man looking up at the moon. Is it an invitation to enjoy the moment? Is it a contemplation of our past actions? No one really knows. But even as its explanation is a mystery, the painting inspires us to let go.

Another painting that would be perfect in a Scandinavian atmosphere is D9 by Naen. In this unique work, it is possible to admire the fusion of ice and flames. A concept very present in Scandinavian decoration.
Scandinavian metal wall decor
retro chic metal wall decor

The retro chic style

"It was better before."

If you're a fan of this phrase, you'll be happy to know that metal paintings are perfect for creating a vintage atmosphere. Even more so when your nostalgia is for the anime and cartoons that rocked your childhood.

Were you an absolute fan of the soccer adventures of Tsubasa Ohzora? Also known as Olive Atton, the Newpie captain inspired a whole generation to love soccer. Pay tribute to him with the Olive and Tom wall decoration by Kalo. Very colorful, it immortalizes a confrontation between Olivier and his sworn opponent.

On the other side of the Atlantic, another cartoon made the crowd vibrate. It is the Simpsons by Matt Groening. To this day, the misadventures of Homer, Marge and their family keep millions of viewers on the edge of their seats. As a fan of the show, treat yourself to the Bart Graffiti metallic design from C-mon.

The feminine style

This option will particularly appeal to ladies who let themselves be guided by their feminine energy. Born in the fire, the metal perfectly represents the flame that burns within the female gender. It is therefore quite natural that several painters have used this design to create breathtaking paintings.

One of them is Marianne de Sufyr. On a rather dark background, a beautiful maiden is delicately caressing the line of her neck. On her, splashes of paint enhance her natural charm. Pink, blue, green, etc.. So many colors put at the service of her innate presence.

Like Sufyr's creation, Queen Mona Lisa by Wawapod is an ode to "girl power". Immortalized in profile, a woman stands straight, chin up. Her features are not visible. Only the outline of the silhouette allows us to estimate her age and morphology. And on her head sits a magnificent gold crown.
female metal wall decor
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