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Reymann Daniel | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Reymann Daniel | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
Reymann Daniel
Always question what has been learned - always experiment with unexplored paths - always push the limits.
Strongly attracted to the arts, Daniel was initiated as an adolescent to drawing techniques by his grandfather, a cabinetmaker. He learnt to work the many possibilities of graphic gradation that would make an intense mark on him. Through his art teacher, he immersed himself in learning about the fundamentals and discovered the sensorial characteristics inherent to the practice of painting. Fed by his readings and experimentations, Daniel would work relentlessly to assert his pictorial technique. Committed to a professional future far from artistic creation, he still maintained an unfailing link to it. Just as he was turning thirty, he decided to dive back, one time, into this world just as demanding as it is uncertain: he would come back to it later, long-term, when he definitively separated from his obligations to the National Education.
Daniel’s artistic work is based on two essential elements: chance, which, at the whim of the actions carried out on linen canvas or newspaper, will determine the result, and colour, which he places at the centre of the composition for all of his works. The use of fine acrylics associated with different media allows him to play constantly with varying shades and transparencies. Using sponges, rolling pins and even silicon kitchen utensils, the artist scratches and crosses out: sometimes he interlocks composite gold leaves to underline a common banal element.
Looking to rid himself of his acquired skills to discover new ones, Daniel constantly wants to learn from the difficulties that he imposes.
  • 2022
    MOSCOU, Russian Federation (the)
  • 2000
    Solo exhibition
    Osaka, Japan
  • 1990
    Winner of the
    Paris, France
  • 1980
    Exhibition at the In Octavo gallery
    Lausanne, Switzerland
  • 1955
    Mulhouse, France
(40 Artworks)

40 Artworks

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