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ART CURATOR - Landscapes specialist 


Léa has always nurtured her curiosity and love of the different artistic fields from an early age.  

Today, it is through her relationships with artists that she thrives; listening to them, sharing, and offering them new perspectives, gives meaning to the missions she carries out every day. 

Open to all styles, she is still particularly fond of landscapes.

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Landscapes by Léa


What does your job involve?
Curator comes from the Latin "curator" and translates as "to take care of". So that is precisely what we do! We listen to the artists, we make sure they are giving their best, we do our best to help them in moments of doubt and we give them new leads to think about. 
On the other hand, our job as curators is also to unearth new talent, to be on the lookout for new trends and new techniques in order to always meet the expectations of our art lovers. 
Being an art curator is an incredible job because of the diversity of what we do on a daily basis. All these tasks converge in the same direction: sharing our love of art.

What do you like the most about your work? 
Every day is different! One morning I visit an artist's studio, the next day I have meetings with our different galleries, the next day I deliberate on the artists we present to the selection committee... this is just a partial list. 
On top of that, the relationships we build with the artists give a lot of meaning to what we do every day.  We are fortunate to work in a lively sector that is open to creativity and that nourishes us professionally and personally. 
And then I couldn't answer this question without talking about the rest of the art team. Getting together with them every day is a real pleasure!

Where does your passion for Art come from?
First of all, I am lucky to have a mother who is so passionate about culture and who shared this love with me very early on. Whether it was literature, painting, cinema or architecture, she always made sure to stir up my curiosity and helped me develop my knowledge. 
Secondly, I think I have always been fascinated by those who venture off the beaten track. And this is what we find in all the great contemporary artists.  No matter the criticism, the rejections, or the remarks; they dared.  Dared to open up to new possibilities, dared to go to the end of their conviction, dared to be themselves 100%... It is a real strength of character that forces admiration and gives even more depth to their work.

An anecdote to share with us, something you will never forget? 
Even after two years at Carré d'artistes, I am still amazed by the passion with which the teams work every day. We put 100% into everything we do. The proximity that we can have with the artists themselves pushes us and gives us wings. It's a unique and very rewarding working atmosphere every day.


Which style affects you particularly ?
I enjoy being surprised by artworks, however I have a strong attraction to landscapes. Growing up in the Vosges mountains, I think that paintings depicting horizons as far as the eye can see or large spaces strike a particular chord in me. In fact, I keep a painting by Yves Ogier on my desk that depicts a snowy mountain. 
In the same way, I also like urban landscapes, which remind me of my years in London. 
That's what I particularly like about this style, it allows us to bring back memories, or to take us on a trip in the blink of an eye.

An artist from Carré d’artistes whose work you particularly like? 
To mention only one would be impossible! I love Sandrine Hirson's abstract landscapes and Emmanuelle Levesque's sunsets. I am touched by Papail's beaches and Maurizio Galloro's vegetal urban views sweep me away. 
At times I can be indifferent to an artist, but when I see their artworks in a new light, they reveal themselves to me. All our artists do a great job and I think the beauty of Carré d'artistes is that we can feature so many artists with different styles and techniques!

If you had to describe Carré d’artistes in 3 words :
A beautiful network of passionate and exciting artists.
A common passion to share and democratize contemporary art.
A real human journey.

Why do you think art is important?
Because it gives us the opportunity to connect (or even reconnect) to our emotions and ourselves. To linger in front of a painting is to give ourselves the right to enjoy an intimate moment and allow ourselves to be deeply moved… 
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