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Maderno | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography

  • Maderno | Contemporary Artist: Artworks & Biography
' I paint to fill the void and evacuate the overflow. '
Maderno's attraction to painting began as a teenager.
He discovered graffiti and began to paint on the walls, a practice that appealed to him because of its spontaneity and that would never cease to inspire him. Whether through graffiti or calligraphy, Maderno seeks to express himself freely. Driven by a desire to diversify and surpass himself, his works mix abstract painting, calligraphy and portraiture. Just as we find a certain sensuality in the curves of his letters, we find a certain sensitivity in the features of his subjects.
If the spray paint is his tool of choice Maderno diversifies through different mediums such as acrylic, brush, knife, stencil or airbrush. He likes to work the combination of his different means in order to obtain sincere and unique textures. He is also a lover of handmade silk-screening, but above all manual, he develops this technique to add a different rendering, a touch of rea through his compositions. Relentlessly seeking the perfect combination between his different techniques, the random rendering of his processes offers a unique rendering to each of his creations.
  • 2022
    Salon de Provence, France
  • 2021
    Agora Workshop
    Eyguieres, France
  • 2005
    First step in graffiti
    Marseille, France
(37 Artworks)

37 Artworks

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