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Carré d'artistes presents a large selection of minimalist paintings.  The minimalist painting is a pictorial current of the contemporary art. 
Appeared around 1960 and coming from the abstract art movement, this pictorial genre is essentially characterized by the fact that very few elements are represented on the canvas. 
Carré d'artistes is the largest community of art lovers in Europe and has a network of over 600 contemporary artists. 
Unique and certified, you will find on this page the minimalist work that suits you.

Why buy a minimalist painting?

Minimalist art

This is one of the main trends in interior design. This theme tries to fill the space with the minimum possible elements that combined can create a single whole.
In our selection of works you will find raw and monochromatic colours in simple patterns of illustrations and female figures, textual inspiration or decorative plants on a white background.

This theme conveys a sense of tranquility and appeals directly to "relaxation", owning a minimalist canvas will bring a Zen feel to your home.

What is minimalism?

The fundamental basis of minimalism is the reduction of our consumption, and this in all areas of our lives: material possessions, personal relationships, activities, leisure...
Opt for a minimalist lifestyle?
One pair of jeans, three T-shirts, a toothbrush, a laptop and a smartphone. That's the list of items you need to live a minimalist lifestyle! This way of life aims to realise that material is not indispensable and that our consumption habits can be simplified.

Minimalism and interior design 

How to match your artwork with a minimalist decoration?
Minimalist decoration uses mainly a set of materials, prefer raw and natural materials like linen, stone and wood. Very often used, waxed concrete is often present in this decorative theme. A work of art on a white background with a clean design will fit perfectly in your rooms.

To bring a sophisticated touch you can bet on noble materials: a marble pot holder, a cashmere plaid or a wool pouffe.  Be careful with the mix of materials, you must always keep a harmony in the associations but it will bring depth and originality in an interior.

Characteristics and techniques 

This theme is not limited to painting. In addition to painting, there is sculpture, music, architecture and design. Minimalism is a major artistic movement of the contemporary period 
It originates from abstract art and is opposed to Pop Art in particular, which is figurative painting and often depicts many elements. Conversely, minimalist painting uses few details in a painting. This is its essential characteristic, hence its credo "less is more", which means roughly: "the less the better". Minimalist artists therefore seek to remove as many elements and details as possible from a painting. 

The monochrome technique is therefore very common in minimalist art: a single colour is sometimes the only element in a minimalist painting. If other details enter the composition (e.g. lines, circles, writing, etc.), they are always very few. The artists also want to eliminate as much as possible the trace of their hand and their gestures. Simplicity is essential: it must be pushed to the maximum and have no particular symbolism. 

History and famous painters 

Great painters of the 20th century participated in the movement. They often came from abstract art or the Bauhaus and sought to break away from figurative and symbolist painting. Unlike other abstract artists, they wanted to achieve pure abstraction, far from the paintings of Jackson Pollock, for example. They were inspired by artists such as Malevich, who painted the famous Black Square on White in 1915, which the artist Jirô Yoshihara reinterpreted in his own way in his painting Red Circle on Black (1965).
Minimalist painting developed mainly from the 1960s onwards. It spread in New York in a context of densification of the city's transport system and concrete development, with Ad Reinhardt as its figurehead. He wanted to move away from all references and figuration and produced geometric works before painting monochromes in which the concept of the absolute and the void emerged. A little later, Frank Stella became an emblematic artist of the minimalist movement in painting and sculpture. Stella invites the viewer to look at lines, circles and very pure geometric forms. 

Close to this style is the artist Sol LeWitt, whose work Nine-Sided Figure (1989) expresses the essence and principle of minimalism. In a different style, Pierre Soulages is also an iconic artist who has produced many minimalist works, notably with his deep black monochromes. But there are many other artists who can be linked to the minimalist movement in painting, such as Imi Knoebel, Robert Ryman, Niele Toroni or Agnès Martin, Robert Morris, Carl Andre. 
The movement also exists in other forms, for example in minimalist music, which appeared in the 1950s and was known to be avant-garde. Musicians such as Philip Glass and La Monte Young were also inspired by the movement to imagine and create musical compositions.  

At Carré d'artistes, you will find artists such as Gérad Clisson who works with recycled materials to create contemporary paintings, lighting and sculpture. But also Luc Langeron, whose works are mainly made of wood. 

> Naen, who uses acrylic paint combined with Indian ink and sometimes enriched with marble powder.
> Virgis finds his inspiration in his environment and what it conveys. His painting is sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter. 
> Roma Gaia's work is composed of many layers of paint combined with various materials - such as gold leaf, metal, resin or cement,
The list is long, we hope you enjoy your visit to our site and hope to see you in the gallery to view our beautiful contemporary works.
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