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Art et Prison France

Discover the solidarity program supported by Carré d'artistes to promote artistic creation in prison

This partnership was born out of a common conviction with the Art et Prison France association: Art has the power to offer new perspectives for those who practice it but also for those who contemplate it. A major solidarity program to support concrete actions to help change everyone's view of the prison world.

Concrete actions for the association

This year, we are joining the “Make Friday Green again” movement for more positive, responsible and committed consumption.

10% of sales on Friday November 27, 2020 will be donated to the association.
Our solidarity collections

Discover our solidarity collections twice a year with part of the collection's sales donated to Art et Prison France.

We will tell you more very soon!

To act now and discover another window into the prison world, we invite you to discover an extract from the film “Half a square meter of freedom” directed by Inga Lavolé-Khavkina.

Men and women who have discovered art in prison throw a part of themselves on their canvases.

Find out more about Art et Prison France

By creating bridges between detainees and society, Art et Prison France also allows us to bring a new perspective on prison and those in prison. The work of art plays the role of poetic mediator in which each person's humanity is expressed.
Art et Prison organizes exhibitions, debate evenings and supports artistic workshops in prisons.

Since its creation in 2014, Art et Prison has cooperated closely with the German association Art and Prison, which organizes and then exhibits an art competition aimed at prisoners from all over the world.
The 2018 “Beyond the Walls” exhibition was an opportunity to showcase some fifty works from 22 countries on all continents.

The artists revealed a very rich palette of feelings, each work carrying dreams, anguish and often hope: they seized their freedom as an artist.

Unique art for...

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