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From 150€ to 350€ sculptures

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Sculpture for sale:

Classic sculptures, pop art, street art, recycled material or singular art sculptures, it's a large choice of styles and ideas gathered in this section and also heterogeneous materials, such as bronze, metal, stone or resin.
Unique offers of course, for you, your home, or to offer to your loved ones, your friends, your loves!

Sculpture in a few words

Often associated with painting, sculpture has gone through the ages: from the most ancient and remote to the most modern, in the era of contemporary sculpture.
For a long time, it was actually found among the works of painters and fashion artists. There are basically two techniques for shaping the material: by modelling it as it is or by cutting it to remove part of it and make volumes and shapes appear.
Michelangelo largely exploited the second technique, bringing out reliefs and bodies from massive blocks of marble, transported for months from Carrara in Tuscany, for example.

A third sculptural technique can also be seen, which consists of reusing, or in other words recycling, something that has been going on for a long time.
Is sculpture a visionary art that sees in the material what it can show? Or is it like a crystal ball in terms of avoiding waste?

Sculpture, what do you want?

Not ephemeral, rather imposing, but also miniature, sculptures have always, but even more so now, never gone unnoticed. Even less so since the art of sculpture has moved from ornament to realism, which has made it almost alive, and now, what do you know, contemporary sculptures have their own artist and their own gallery.

It is now a choice in its own right to have or to offer a contemporary sculpture, for example, more than ever dissociated from the painting or the walls that once made it expensive or even reserved for churches and historical monuments.
Sculptures of various sizes, and therefore affordable prices, are on display in this section, which is entirely dedicated to them.


Sculpture for greater pleasure

Painting, with its unmistakable charm, has nothing to envy to contemporary sculptures, but in terms of acquisition or present, these have a unanimous effect of depth, of added value, not artistic but material, they always make the weight, so to speak.

They will fit surprisingly well almost anywhere and are therefore also an idea for a gift where walls are lacking and where one would rely more on a ground or open-air support, without stealing the space, they contribute to it by always generally matching their environment.
(26 Artworks)
26 Artworks
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