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Considering the Purchase of a Large Sculpture?

Large sculptures are often underappreciated due to their size. However, art and its impact grow with dimension. For enthusiasts and art lovers in this field, we offer a wide selection of contemporary and monumental sculptures.

Large sculptures and oversized artworks have become essential elements in the realm of modern interior decoration. They add an impressive artistic element, personality, and character to our living spaces, perfectly suited for larger areas.

At Carré d'artistes, explore a fascinating diversity of sculptures by format, with each piece offering a unique interpretation that invites contemplation and inspiration.


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Discover Carré d'artistes' collection, either in physical galleries or online, to fulfill your dream of purchasing a grand artwork or a large sculpture.

Make your dream of owning a large outdoor sculpture a reality through our extensive network of over 600 artists! Save your favorites in your wishlist to stay updated on the latest news from your favorite artists and galleries! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the best of contemporary art news as well.
Large sculpture "Nyx" by l'artiste Maia Angelina


Choose a Large Sculpture: Going Beyond the Limits of Art

Why opt for a large sculpture? Many people prefer small-sized models that can beautify a corner of their home. However, as an art enthusiast, you should know that contemporary large sculptures have their advantages.


The Impact of Art on a Larger Scale

According to Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, "Life belongs to the passionate, to the excessive."

This writer highlights that the impact of art can also increase with size. The same goes for contemporary sculpture. It immediately captures the eye.

Moreover, it emphasizes our smallness in the face of such majestic art. Just look at the most popular contemporary sculptures, like the Sphinx of Giza. It underscores the very point made by this French writer.


Large Format Sculptures to Showcase Power and Strength

Did you know that large format sculptures highlight both power and strength? This is mainly due to their imposing size. We can observe that contemporary sculptures representing various gods adorn many places, including public and religious spaces, as well as private residences. A large format sculpture emphasizes the nobility and wisdom that a deity brings to those who worship it. That's why a representation on a grand scale presents a better image.


Abstract Sculpture, Yet Highly Aesthetic

Contemporary sculpture often represents abstract forms. These are shapes that cannot be directly conceptualized or even forms that we do not see in our daily lives. However, that's what adds to their charm and quality. Know that a large-sized sculpted object possesses both elegance and great charm. While small formats have their appeal for their compactness, large formats make their own commanding presence. Whether in a public space or a peaceful environment, a large format sculpture will showcase its aestheticism for the benefit of its owner.


Purchase a Large-Scale Artwork at Carré d'artistes

Are you looking for genuine contemporary art? You've come to the right website. At Carré d'artistes, we offer a wide selection to satisfy your needs.

The limitation of space often restricts the capacity of art galleries. But not for us. Our online art gallery provides a multitude of choices for large-format sculptures that can meet all your requirements.

Carré d'artistes showcases emerging artists as well as the most popular artworks on the market. This is what makes our gallery truly exceptional. Just visit our official page and explore our finest selections.


A Wide Selection of Large-Scale Design Sculptures Available

If you're an enthusiast of contemporary and monumental sculptures, Carré d'artistes is the right choice. We offer a diverse range of sculpture models to cater to your preferences.

Whether you're looking for a large garden sculpture, a large wall sculpture to transform an interior wall, or simply want to purchase large artworks to add an elegant touch to your home or office, you'll find what you're looking for in our collection.

Our selection of large garden sculptures offers a variety of styles, colors, and forms, allowing everyone to find the perfect piece for their outdoor space.

For those who prefer interior art, our range of large wall sculptures can transform an empty space into a dynamic focal point. Each large wall sculpture is an artistic statement that can elevate any residential or commercial space.

Furthermore, apart from modern sculptures, you can also opt for the artworks available for sale on our platform. Art comes in various forms based on your desires and needs. Street art, pop art, resin sculpture you will undoubtedly find what you're looking for in one of our art galleries or online.


Prices Suited to All Budgets

Whether you have a large or small budget, you can find a sculpture that fits your budget at Carré d'artistes. We offer sculptures at various price points to best satisfy our customers.

Therefore, you can find large-sized sculptures at very affordable prices on our website, as well as more expensive ones.

The price varies based on the rarity of the artwork, its size, and the artist's requirements. Promotional offers may arise along the way. That's why you need to stay connected to stay informed.


Sculpture Choices to Meet Your Needs

At Carré d'artistes, you can choose based on various criteria: style, price, artist, format, and more. Simply select the search filters that match your needs, and you'll have your dream sculpture within reach.

We do everything we can to ensure the customer experience is always at its best.

This is particularly useful for filtering sculptures within your reach, especially in terms of prices. With such a wide selection in our collection, it might be challenging for you to find the one that best suits you.


If you're in search of a high-quality large format sculpture, don't hesitate to visit Carré d'artistes. You can find great deals and discover a sculpture that will enhance your interior. So, browse through our selection of large format sculptures today!


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