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Carré d'artistes presents a large selection of nude sculptures. This artistic genre consists in representing completely naked bodies. 

The notion of nude in sculpture

According to the principles of tradition, sculpted nudes are not devoid of artifice and are often adorned with drapery and fabric. These elements make it possible to highlight the movement and twists of the body.

What makes the artistic genre of the nude particularly attractive is that it highlights a subtle art of suggestion, of the transparency of forms through accessories and materials. The anatomy of the body is brought to light. Nude sculpture is one of the most ancient genres, but it was not really recognised by the art world until the 20th century.

One of the first nudes to be known worldwide is certainly "The Venus of Willendorf", made in the Upper Paleolithic around 24,000 BC. The round forms, the belly and the prominent chest are an allegorical representation of femininity. This nude is undoubtedly a symbol of fertility. This nude sculpture breaks away from the codes of reality.

Nude sculpture was widely used in various countries in Europe and the Middle East. A certain ideal of beauty was developed with the nudes created by Greek sculptors. From the 6th century BC onwards, representations of gods, victorious figures and other athletes became the favourite themes of sculptors.

The nude will take monumental forms and will be the witness of the codes of beauty of each era.

The bodies sculpted in all their twists and turns in rigid marble will scream with reality and beauty. They are very realistic representations of the attitudes and beauty of the time. 

From Antiquity to the present day 

During antiquity, the art of the nude was copied from hand to hand in a primarily decorative role.
Nude sculptures almost disappeared because of the influence of the Christian religion. The Italian Renaissance revived nude sculpture from its ashes and put it on a pedestal. The nude became the sacred point that combined beauty, the body and creation in all its splendour.

Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, David, are most often based on mythological subjects and explore in depth the anatomy of the bodies studied. Nude sculptures are among the most recognised works of art in Western art. 

From David, Camille Claudel and Rodin to Louise Bourgeois, Alberto Giacometti and Niki de Saint-Phalle to Ron Mueck, nude art is expressed in all its forms and works in depth on emotion and movement. Nude sculpture does not only represent what we see but goes far beyond to show us the twist of movement and beauty.

The sculptures at Carré d'artistes

At Carré d'artistes, discover nude sculptures by contemporary artists: Agnès Descamps, Liselotte Andersen, Aude Silve... Our contemporary sculptures are unique and certified, come and discover your next favourite online or in one of our contemporary art galleries. We offer various sculptures such as: wood sculptures, bronze sculptures, street art, pop art... 
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55 Artworks
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