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Small contemporary sculptures at the best price!
The most beautiful sculptures are on Carré d'artistes. Visit our online gallery to find the small sculpture of your dreams...

Discover a style of contemporary sculpture that never ceases to evolve and amaze the public

Nothing is more fascinating in the artistic world than contemporary sculpture! Since its inception just over half a century ago, this art form has continued to grow and diversify with new materials that enhance it.
Original sculpture as such originated between the end of the Upper Paleolithic and the beginning of the Epipaleolithic.
It was not until the time of the Romans and Greeks that we began to see classical sculptures. There are some superb works from this period on display around the world. Following modern art, the contemporary is a concept of singular beauty. This type of sculpture attracts, fascinates and inspires thousands of enthusiasts all over the world.

In the early days of sculpture, it is known that people mainly carved in stone but also in ivory, bone, clay or flint.
Thousands of years later, people began to work with marble, bronze and cement. Today, there are many ways of sculpting with different materials, including the mixed technique. The different artists have the opportunity to specialise and choose the type of art that best suits them.

For this reason, on the Carré d'artistes online gallery, we strive to offer you a wide range of unique creations, from small sculptures to medium and large ones. You will be able to choose your favourite small sculpture among this sublime contemporary art.

Develop or start your collection of small format sculptures from contemporary art now

Today's contemporary sculpture market is full of sculptors with extraordinary creativity.
Our various galleries are home to some of the most talented of this new generation. Among them are exceptional artists such as Dako, Franck Lamboley, Mestres Sergi, Molla Nathalie and Zed, who do us the honour of exhibiting their works of art in our various galleries.
From the small sculpture to the model on top, their creations reflect an eloquent technique and underline a real competence in this field.

All of these masters of contemporary sculpture have turned their artistic skills into a true vocation at the service of enthusiasts and collectors looking for a small sculpture.
The artistic fibre is a gift that very few people are lucky enough to possess! It is this dexterity and know-how that makes all the difference. Avant-garde and daring, the contemporary sculptors who exhibit in our galleries work with an uncommon technicality. They offer us a spectacular vision that stands out from traditional art.

The contemporary movement is more and more present in the exhibitions, with works of all sizes. If you are looking for a small, original and contemporary sculpture, you will certainly find it in one of our many galleries. You can now browse through our website, where each sculpture is also available online.
Now is the time to enhance your home's interior decoration and add an artistic touch with a beautiful small sculpture. Contemporary sculptures represent a sculptural style that commands respect!

Succumb to the timeless charm of small format sculpture in the famous Carré d'artistes galleries

Enter the world of an atypical trend of outstanding sculptors such as Endersen Liselotte, Graffmatt, Kikayou, Ralau or Pappay. In our online gallery, you can access a large collection where each small sculpture is a real pleasure for the eyes.
You will find different styles of sculptures depending on the artist: recycling, classic, street art, pop art, singular art... Depending on the small format sculpture, its design is made from resin, mixed media, bronze or even diverted objects.

Everyone should be able to buy a small contemporary sculpture!
Art is one of the most beautiful things in life. It gives satisfaction, conveys a concept and enhances an interior. If you are looking for a superb collection of contemporary sculptures, the artists offer you superb sculptures.
At Carré d'artistes, you can acquire a small format sculpture at the best price!
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87 Artworks
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