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Purchasing a Small Sculpture at Carré d'artistes


Considering buying a small sculpture or small metal sculpture?

Small sculptures, such as small clay sculptures and small bronze sculptures, have become essential elements in contemporary interior design. They add an artistic dimension, personality, and character to our living spaces, while easily adapting to our spatial constraints.

Explore Carré d'artistes' selection, in physical galleries or online, to find the small sculpture or small bronze sculpture of your dreams...

At Carré d'artistes, discover a fascinating diversity of sculptures by size, including small sculptures for sale. Each piece, whether it's a small clay sculpture or a small metal sculpture, offers a unique interpretation that invites contemplation and inspiration.

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Small sculptures "Fred" by Salvan Pauline


Small Sculptures: A Constantly Evolving Contemporary Style

Nothing is more fascinating in the artistic universe than contemporary sculpture! Since its existence, a little over half a century ago, this art has continued to grow and diversify with materials evermore valorizing it.

The original sculpture as such was born between the end of the Upper Paleolithic and the beginning of the Epipaleolithic. It was only in the times of the Romans and Greeks that we began to see classical sculptures. Today, we can admire beautiful works exhibited around the world that date back to this era. Succeeding modern art, contemporary art has a unique beauty. This type of sculpture attracts, fascinates, and inspires thousands of enthusiasts worldwide.

In the beginning, men primarily carved in stone but also in ivory, bone, clay, or flint. This includes the crafting of small clay sculptures, an art that still thrives today.

It was much later, thousands of years later, that they began to work with marble, bronze, and even cement. Currently, we see numerous ways to sculpt with various materials including mixed techniques. Different artists thus have the opportunity to specialize and choose the type of art that suits them best.

That's why, on the online gallery of Carré d'artistes, we strive to provide a wide range of unique creations from small metal sculptures to small bronze sculptures, encompassing all sizes from small to large. You can choose your favorite small sculpture among this sublime contemporary art.

So why wait? Start exploring our collection of small sculptures for sale and find the perfect piece to add to your collection today.


Start Collecting Small Contemporary Art Sculptures Now

The current market for contemporary sculpture presents a multitude of sculptors with extraordinary creativity.

Our various galleries host some of the most talented individuals of this new generation. Among them are exceptional artists such as Dako, Franck Lamboley, Mestres Sergi, Molla Nathalie, and Zed, who honor us by showcasing their artwork in our different galleries.

From small sculptures to larger models, their creations reflect eloquent technique and highlight real skill in this domain.

All these masters of contemporary sculpture have made their artistic ability a true vocation for enthusiasts and collectors looking for a small sculpture. Artistic talent is a gift that very few people have the luck to possess! It's this dexterity and expertise that make all the difference. Avant-garde and audacious, the contemporary sculptors exhibiting in our galleries work with remarkable technicality. They fill us with joy and offer a spectacular vision that wonderfully stands out from traditional art.

The contemporary movement is increasingly present in exhibitions, featuring creations of all sizes. If you're searching for a small, original, contemporary sculpture, your joy is certainly in one of our many galleries. You can browse our website where each sculpture is also available online. Now is the time to enhance the interior decoration of your home and bring an artistic touch with a splendid small sculpture. Contemporary sculptures represent a sculptural style that commands respect.


The Different Techniques of Creating Small Sculptures

Small sculptures offer an infinite palette of artistic possibilities, thanks to the various techniques used in their creation. Whether in the field of metal, bronze, stone, or modern materials, each technique brings its own aesthetic and distinct charm. Let's explore the creation techniques specific to small sculptures.


Small Metal Sculptures

Small metal sculptures, a favored choice in modern small sculptures, are often crafted using forging, cutting, and welding techniques. Artists use various metals such as iron, steel, or aluminum to create contemporary metal sculptures. These works stand out for their industrial look, dynamism, and subtle interplay of forms and textures.


Small Bronze Sculptures

Bronze sculptures, known for their timeless beauty, are also present in the world of small-scale sculptures. The traditional lost-wax casting technique is often used to cast the bronze and bring to life delicate and expressive sculptures. Small bronze sculptures captivate with their delicacy, characteristic patina, and ability to convey deep emotions.


Small Stone Sculptures

Stone sculpture is an ancestral technique that has adapted to small dimensions. Artists use tools such as chisels, burins, and scrapers to sculpt elegant and harmonious forms in stone. Small stone sculptures, whether abstract or figurative, stand out for their natural texture, solidity, and deep connection with nature.


Here are some key points to remember about small sculpture creation techniques:

  • Small metal sculptures offer an industrial and dynamic appearance.
  • Small bronze sculptures captivate with their timeless beauty and complex casting process.
  • Small stone sculptures evoke an intimate connection with nature and are distinguished by their natural texture.

In exploring these different creation techniques, we discover the breadth of artistic creativity in the world of small sculptures. Whether you're attracted to modern metal sculpture, bronze statues, or stone sculptures, each technique offers unique possibilities to express an artistic vision and enchant the audience.


Interior Decoration: Art Deco and Conceptual Art with Small Sculptures

Small sculptures are key elements of interior decoration, adding an artistic and personalized touch to a space.

Whether you're drawn to art deco or conceptual art, small sculptures can harmoniously integrate into different decoration styles.

Placed on shelves, side tables, or incorporated into wall compositions, small sculptures become captivating visual focal points.

They bring sophistication and refinement to a room, creating a unique and stimulating ambiance.

Small sculptures allow expressing one's creativity and reflecting aesthetic preferences in interior decoration.


Succumb to the Timeless Charm of Small Sculptures from Carré d'artistes

Enter the universe of a unique movement of eminent sculptors such as Endersen Liselotte, Graffmatt, Kikayou, Ralau. On our online gallery, you can access a large collection where each small sculpture is a genuine pleasure for the eyes.

You will find different styles of sculptures depending on the artist: recycling, classic, street art, pop art, singular art... Depending on the small sculpture, its conception is developed from resin, mixed techniques, bronze, or repurposed objects.

Everyone should be able to purchase a contemporary small sculpture!

Art is one of the most beautiful things in life. It brings satisfaction, conveys a concept, and enhances an interior. If you're looking to have a superb collection of contemporary sculptures, the artists provide beautiful sculptures.

At Carré d'artistes, you can acquire a small sculpture at the best price!


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