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Aurélie Lecou, Artistic Director, explains to us what unique artwork means
and why Carré d'artistes chooses to offer you only unique artworks, just like you!

- What is a “unique artwork” for a painting? For a sculpture?

Firstly, let's talk about the definition of a work of art. A work of art is a physical object that may possess aesthetic or conceptual value.

A unique work of art is a work that is created entirely by the hand of an artist, signed on his behalf and which, in fact, only exists in a single copy.

Whether it is a painting or a sculpture, the uniqueness of a work of art emerges from the fact that the artist created the latter by hand.

Therefore, it is impossible to reproduce the item identically, which is not the case with prints for example.

The only exception, commonly accepted in the art sector, concerns “reproducible” sculptures, such as the principle of bronze casting. In this case, an artwork is qualified as original within a limit of 8 copies + 4 artist proofs, each of them is numbered. However, the artist can also decide to use the mold only once and therefore make this piece unique.

- What is a certificate of authenticity and what is it used for?

A certificate of authenticity is a document published by the artwork’s seller, whether it is a gallery or the artist directly.

This document attests to the authenticity of an artwork, indicating for example its title, its dimensions, the technique which was used, or even the name of the artist. This important document guarantees that the artwork was created by the artist and thus makes it possible to identify the work of art.


- Why buy unique artworks?

Because this is what makes it stand out! In addition, it is an object of art.

We choose it due to a crush, an emotion that we shall re-experience every time we look at it. Or to support an artist, because his approach is touching, because we want to have a piece of his poetry, like a link between the artist and us.

We talk about human creation, it is a genuine purchase, a real approach.

We may want to offer a unique artwork, just like a jewel, it is a committed gift, filled with meaning and really precious!

Or even invest in emerging and rising artists, and then acquire a unique piece which is created by one of them.

Unique art for...

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