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For more than 20 years, Carré d'artistes has been developing around the world with one mission in mind: to make art accessible and fit into all interiors.

o you share our mission and want to give meaning to your professional life?
You have the soul of an entrepreneur but wish to be accompanied?
Do you want to combine pleasure and business?

It's possible, we will explain everything to you.

The Carré d'artistes concept

For more than 20 years, we have been triggering beautiful encounters. Our mission is to bring together lovers of beauty, in search of artwork, and artists, who, thanks to their passion, give shape to beauty.

Offering yourself art becomes simple. Our galleries are warm, welcoming places, open to everyone. Everything is thought out so that you feel comfortable, so that the only thing that matters is the emotion felt. Carré d'artistes shakes up the codes of the market to democratize art: prices are evaluated according to an objective criterion, which is the one of the size of the artwork, in order to establish total transparency. Thus the galleries present collections of artwork of all styles and at fixed prices.

With more than 40 galleries, Carré d'artistes is the leading network of art galleries in the world and the only franchise in France and internationally operating in the world of art galleries.

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Franchisee testimonials

From banker to gallery owner: Jérôme's successful career change

The 5 clichés of franchising
Why join us?

A flourishing activity
  • A growing business: +11% in the 1st quarter of 2023
  • A rapidly expanding network: +10 gallery openings in 2023 (45 galleries at the start of 2024)
  • Rapid development: 300k€ turnover in two years
  • Omnichannel power: +10 to +15% additional turnover
  • An international presence: in more than 11 countries
  • Convinced franchisees: 38% are multi-franchisees
  • A financial advantage: works on consignment sale


Step by step support
  • A unique concept of more than 20 years that combines the best of two worlds, by applying retail codes to art galleries
  • The expertise of our art curators who find the talents of tomorrow every day to offer in each gallery an intense selection of soulful artwork.
  • Initial training for the opening and this continues throughout your activity. We share our experience of more than 20 years to give you all the keys to manage your gallery.
  • Communication, acquisition and loyalty campaigns led by the franchisor with a digital package for more localized communication for each gallery

Relish before anything else
  • A human adventure: integrating a network of enthusiasts gathered around the same mission and common values to make art accessible to all
  • A daily life that makes sense: a privileged relationship with our community of 600 inspiring and captivating international artists to accompany them on the path to creation
  • Support for artistic creation: since its creation, Carré d'artistes has donated 30 million euros to the artists exhibited



Award for the best omnichannel strategy: Award MAPIC 2022

The Carré d'artistes network is committed to offering the same experience to each art lover, no matter where he is. In order to adapt to the new modes of consumption, Carré d'artistes has completely reinvented the link between digital and galleries. A customer has access to the same services and more than 30,000 unique artworks in all our galleries whether in a gallery or online. This innovative strategy has been awarded at MAPIC 2022 as the best omnichannel strategy.

Required profile

Entrepreneur, retraining or investor, we are looking for people who share our values and our mission. You have an interest in art, this adventure may be for you. The Carré d'artistes franchise is not reserved for art experts. Our 20 years of experience allow everyone to manage an art gallery.

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