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How to decorate your entrance?


Traditionally considered as a simple place of passage, the entrance of a house or an apartment is often the last place that we think of decorating... However, this room also deserves to be given a minimum of attention! If it is well decorated, it will give your home an extra touch of character and harmony. Follow us, and discover all our decoration ideas for your entrance...


déco hall entrée vestibule


Using paintings, an ideal way to personalize your entrance


Choosing a décor based on pictorial works is to bring a very personal touch to your interior in a subtle way. Arranged in this room, the paintings welcome the visitors and are directly offered to their glance... From the start, the tone is set: your guests can discover who you are through the aesthetic displayed!


What type of board to choose?

To add a dose of style to your home and make it even more welcoming, the abstract collection offered by Carré d'artistes is perfect. Less prescriptive than figurative art, abstract art stimulates the imagination while allowing the emergence of the deepest emotions within us. With abstract painting, the viewer is free to interpret the work according to his own codes. By choosing abstraction, you implicitly offer your guests a real space of freedom!


What color palette should I choose?

The selection of the works presented should of course be made according to your tastes, but also taking into account more "technical" parameters. The colors of the paintings should be adapted to the colors of your walls, the size of the hallway or corridor and the exposure (or not!) to a light source.

If you have opted for a minimalist decor, you can choose a sober room, to reinforce the coherence of your aesthetic choices. But you can also rely on contrasts and choose a piece with vibrant colors, which will bring modernity and dynamism to your interior.

A colorful environment will be a fabulous setting for a painting where white predominates. It can also be used to highlight works of art in neutral tones or even gray and black.


How to place paintings to decorate a hall?

In order to avoid tasteful mistakes and to obtain an elegant result, it is advisable to think carefully about the way you are going to arrange your wall decoration. Depending on the space you have and the atmosphere you want to create, you can for example choose one of the following options (the list is far from exhaustive!):

  • Aligning on a horizontal plane, to create an "exhibition gallery" style. In this case, make sure to place the works at the right height (for the record, it is commonly accepted that the center of the work should be 1.65 m from the ground).
  • Vertical alignment: more original, this technique accentuates the impression of height in a room, so it is an excellent trick to optimize the volumes.
  • Square arrangement: as long as they are of the same size, and framed in the same way, you can create a nice, uncluttered set with your paintings.

If you have fallen for a large painting, you can of course place it in such a way that it attracts all the attention of visitors... For this, nothing could be simpler: use it as the sole ornament of a wall or place it elegantly above a simple console. Thus highlighted, a large canvas will always create a striking visual effect...



Focus on lighting, an essential point

Often devoid of windows, and therefore of natural light, this space must imperatively be equipped with adapted lighting. In order to emphasize the decorative objects in the room, special attention should be paid to the light sources. Here again, there are many possibilities: wall lights, small lamps on a stand or floor lamps, direct or indirect lighting... Everyone will be able to find the solution best suited to their environment. The main thing to remember is that a well-chosen light source contributes greatly to making a space welcoming.


Use a mirror for a stunning optical effect


Placed above a console or hung near a storage unit, a mirror is an essential object in this transitional space. In addition to their functional aspect, mirrors are real allies in terms of decoration. A large psychedelic mirror will nicely embellish a vast hall, while a set of mismatched mirrors can dress up a wall while bringing brightness to the room...


Focus on functional and aesthetic furniture

Like the mirror, the seating furniture is one of the essential elements in a hallway. Of course, the choice of furniture should be adapted to the dimensions of the room. A large bench or even a sofa can easily find its place in a hall ... For a smaller space, we will opt for a chest, as practical as decorative, or for a nice pouf, less cumbersome than an armchair ...

To finalize your decor, while optimizing the practical side of an entrance worthy of the name, don't forget to integrate a small shelf or a storage unit with clean lines... Useful for depositing mail, car keys or handbags, these small pieces of furniture can also be used to display a pretty ceramic, a few boxes with an original design or why not a sculpture chosen among those offered by Carré d'artiste... Not forgetting that these pieces of furniture can also be a nice support for your favorite paintings... As an example : placed above a simple console, an oil on canvas will be particularly well highlighted ...

To sublimate the entrance to your home, the ideal is to add your artistic touch: you can thus cleverly combine aesthetics and functionality. Decorated according to your taste, this room will reflect your personality and will become even more pleasant to use on a daily basis. Carré d'artistes offers you a wide choice of paintings to sublimate this place... So, do not hesitate to browse the collection. You will surely find the painting that suits you!

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