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Gift art to whom?

- 17/11/2021
gift art

This year, you’ve decided to innovate and stand out, by offering art! 
(We can only support you in this approach). 
But you have a question, gift art to whom? Can one offer art to everyone? We give you advise, in pampering the ones you love! 


Why offer art…

gift art
To little ones and those who think they are grownups already?  
Decorating a child’s bedroom with artwork is a way of making him dream and marvel.
A life-size story book, a work which could make him reinvent a story, day after day. You can expect to be surprised by their overflowing imagination! 

To your dear grand-parents? 


You’ve played the card of photos in all their forms, albums, calendars, agendas and you don’t feel like pushing your luck, with a mug…
PS: we don’t take claims from your cousins, if you become their favorite. 

  To a couple?  gift art

 To a couple?  


You like them both the same and you’re faced with the ever-lasting puzzle: how to find a gift, which really makes both of them happy. For once, don’t indulge in the cliché of the bottle for the gentleman and a bouquet of flowers for the lady (in fact we wonder, why can’t it be the opposite) and find the rare gem to enhance their home.  

To your best friend? 


What better proof to show your best friend, that you know him/her better than anyone? Surprise them with an artwork, which is completely in keeping with their tastes and that shall beautifully find its place, in the living room, where you come so often! 

To your sweetheart? 

We share our best trick as in a covert way, we all know that you’ll enjoy this too! 

At secret Santa? 

We all love the Christmas period and the increasingly famous secret Santa, but if you’re like us, excitement may have quickly made room for disappointment, when you open a gift. This year avoid all kinds of knick-knacks and stand out. It’s now possible to offer unique works, at mini prices! 
secret santa offrir art noel
And mostly…why not offer art to oneself? 

Pampering oneself is important, once in a while!
You would have understood now, the question you need to ask is: whom can’t I offer art to? At Carré d’artistes, we are convinced that art beautifies everyday lives. So, we don’t see any reason to deprive anyone from this daily pleasure! 

Unique art for...

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