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The 10 most influential contemporary artists





The little girl with the balloon

banksy the litte girl with the balloon

In a few years, the contemporary artist Banksy has become very famous.
He is now considered as one of the major artists of the 21st century. Active since 1990, he mainly produces street art with stencils. He is also a committed artist, who very often conveys a political or social message in his paintings. The real name and identity of Banksy are still unknown today.
Since the self-destruction of his work at auction in 2018, the artist continues to see his value rise. He recently sold his paintings Devolved Parliament for 11 million euros and Game Changer for 19 million euros!


Jeff Koons


Balloon Dog" sculpture

balloon dog by jeff koons
You've most likely already heard of Jeff Koons.
If you haven't, chances are you're familiar with his famous Balloon Dog, which represents a small dog created from inflatable balloons and available in many colors. Koons is now considered an icon of the 21st century, as much for his kitschy works as for his sense of commerce and communication.
Not everyone is a fan of "Jeff Koons art", but everyone is talking about him anyway! What other works does Jeff Koons do? The Tulips, The inflatable Rabbit and Puppy are iconic sculptures of the artist.


Damien Hirst


The zebra dipped in a methane box


the zebra dipped in a methane box by damien hirst

The English artist Damien Hirst is a highly rated contemporary artist in the art market.
His works often revolve around the theme of death, as in The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of a Living Man from 1990.
The artist shows us a tiger shark immersed in a box of methanal, a blue liquid.
The work Mother and child, divided, for example, is formally similar. Damien Hirst is one of the few living artists to succeed in raising the bidding: one of his works sold for over 88 million euros at Sotheby's in 2008.



Ai Weiwei


Dragon Sculpture

Do you know the contemporary visual artist Ai Weiwei?
This Chinese artist is always mentioned in the lists of the greatest contemporary artists.
Ai Weiwei is well known all over the world. Very prolific, he produces many works of various forms: sculptures, installations, photographs, performances, architectural works, etc.
He is also a committed artist, firmly opposed to the politics of his country, and a bit provocative. His best known works are Sunflower seeds, Dropping a Han Dynasty urn and Forever Bicycle.



Yayoi Kusama


The contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama is very famous all over the world.
Her work is imbued with her intimate vision of the world. Suffering from an illness that causes her to hallucinate, Yayoi Kusama draws heavily on this and creates disturbing and unique works, where naive symbols such as polka dots and bright colors are repeated endlessly in space. Coming from a strict family and a patriarchal Japanese society, artist Yayoi Kusama is today a strong and moving figure in the contemporary art scene. Her best-known works are: Dots Obsession, Infinity Mirror and Flowers.




Carré d'artistes is the emergence of an idea that will change everything: promote accessible art.
This is how in 2021, Stephanie Tosi, entrepreneur and art lover, creates her ideal gallery, a warm and welcoming space offering works at affordable prices far from the imaginary of an art reserved for an elite.

Today, Carré d'artistes has a network of more than 600 artists exhibited in our 30 galleries around the world, and it doesn't stop there. To allow those who are not lucky enough to have one of these galleries near them, more than 20,000 of our works are for sale on the Internet for easy access.

Because we believe that everyone should be able to own art, we are committed to offering you unique and certified creations at fixed prices, regardless of the artist's reputation. Our paintings are available in square format ranging from 13x13 to 120x120, which you can decorate with a frame to your taste. As our primary mission is to offer you contemporary art at affordable prices and to embellish your interior or to start your collection.


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