Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol, pop art and Marylin Monroe.

If we quote Andy Warhol, the portrait of Marylin Monroe immediately comes to mind.

Everyone knows Andy Warhol's colorful paintings, representing fruits, such as bananas, cans of soup, self-portraits, or film artists: we will of course mention Andy Warhol's muse Marilyn Monroe , which appears on ten of his works.

We no longer present Andy Warhol and his pop art works.

When we talk about Andy Warhol and pop art, we obviously associate Andy Warhol with Marilyn.
But it was not Andy Warhol who invented pop art, a screen printing technique, created in the 1950s in England. At the time, he was a renowned advertising illustrator, but he fell in love with this kind of art. Andy Warhol's pop art works are not limited to portraits of Marylin Monroe.
His first paintings were cans of "Campbell" soup, a brand for which he had created advertising posters, before turning to pop art. Among the celebrities represented by Andy Warhol, apart from Marylin Monroe, we can mention Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, Marlon Brando, Mick Jagger, and even Mickey Mouse! There are so many that we could not name them all.

Carré d'artistes brings together the best works inspired by Andy Warhol for you.

About ten artists, from different backgrounds, have created paintings inspired by the universe of Andy Warhol, and more particularly the pop art movement. You will find in this collection, canvases of different formats, framed or not, but also, designed with different creation techniques: simple acrylic painting or mixed technique: for example, you can add ink or pencil to the painting. oil or acrylic.
We offer quality paintings, at all prices, created by inspired and talented artists.
You will have the impression of having at home, an original creation of Andy Warhol, without breaking the bank.
You can also offer a painting to a lover of the artist Andy Warhol, and have him send it directly to his home.
In addition, all the works of our exhibiting artists are delivered with a certificate of authenticity, which ensures its traceability and proves that it is a unique creation.


(39 Artworks)

39 Artworks



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