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Birth gifts

A happy event in the making? Whether you are the parents-to-be, a godparent, friends or family, you want to treat yourself to such a wonderful occasion!  Our collection is designed to adorn the walls of the charming toddler's room. Our artworks are unique and will either be a perfect birth gift or a magical decoration for child.



birth gift baby shower baptism

Our baby gift collection is designed to adorn the walls of a baby's room or a larger room. As a gift for a birth or simply to decorate the room of our little ones, you will find paintings that will brighten up a room.

The collection is made up of unique works of art created by contemporary artists of all styles and all countries in order to satisfy all the tastes and all the desires of decoration of the future mom and dad.

Our paintings are delivered with a certificate of authenticity. You will be the only one to have this painting on your walls or you will make a very original gift.


How to choose the perfect bith gift?

Buying a piece of art from our gallery is a good idea and for several reasons. First, it is to celebrate the birth of your child or a child in the family. Buying a unique painting will embellish the wall decoration of young parents, whether they are in a house or an apartment.

For a baby shower, a gift is in order! The parents-to-be have organized a party for their newborn and you owe it to yourself to spoil them. Of course, the gift will be for their toddler. For a gender revelation party, whether it's a girl or a boy, we'll opt for a neutral gift, just to make sure we don't get it wrong!

Our collection is also perfect for a baptism gift. Indeed, this religious ceremony is traditionally done at a very young age.

Everyone will find an idea in our gallery full of ideas for an original gift. And yes, you can get out of the traditional birth list!

Our collection is also suitable for birthday gifts. Decorating a child's room with a work of art is a wonderful present. Indeed, the little girl or boy will be awakened to art from his childhood by passing daily in front of the painting you have chosen.


Which painting for a baby or a child?

The arrival of a newborn among us is a gift. It is important to celebrate the coming into the world of every child. A birth chart is the perfect gift to mark this precious day. It will remain a major gift in the life of the child and the adult he or she will become.

When acquiring a painting from our gallery, several criteria should be considered:
  • nature of the event: 
For which event do you wish to buy a painting? It can be a baby shower, a birth, a baptism or a birthday.
  • profil of the recipient
What is the profile of the beneficiary of the painting? It can be a newborn, a baby, a child, or even the mother and parents.
  • room of the house
In which room of the house will the painting be placed: infant's room, child's room, pre-teen's room or why not the parents' room if the baby is in the parents' room.


one birth gift but several themes

The paintings in the Birth Gift collection cover all ages, from babies to young teenagers, for girls and boys. Several major birth-related topics are addressed through the paintings in the collection:
  • pregnancy
  • maternity
  • childhood
  • animals
  • famous characters


The paintings representing pregnant women give off a feeling of fullness, of serenity. They are characterized by a simplicity in the features and patterns. 

Paintings with more intimate themes, such as pregnancy and motherhood, are best reserved for decorating a newborn's room or for decorating more personal rooms, such as an adult's room or an office.



The artists have captured the many tender moments between a mother and her child. They have successfully translated the comfort of a mother for her child, the emotional security, the unique bond between mother and child, the maternal love.



The innocent moments of childhood captured by the artists are multiple: children in the rain, a girl caressing a bird, blowing on a dandelion, little dancers, a young boy playing soccer, games and friendships between children. All these paintings evoke the small and great joys of childhood.



The paintings represent many species familiar to children: elephants, bears, cats, dogs, whales, rabbits, mice, owls, hippos, horses,...

These animals are already present in games, childcare equipment, clothing or books for children. They are reassuring and benevolent for the little ones, and help build the identity of their room.

The paintings which have for subject the animals are rather intended for the wall decoration of the room of child or newborn. It is necessary to privilege the soft colors and the characters which correspond to the toddlers.


Famous characters

They come from children's games, universal cartoons, children's literature or comics. You will recognize the universe of Disney (Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Aristocats), The Simpsons, Miyazaki, Babar, Pokémon, and the one of the inescapable icons of childhood and youth: Mickey, The Little Prince, Snoopy, Lego, Playmobil, Star Wars.

For a child's room, paintings with cartoon or comic book characters seem the most relevant. Your child can express his ideas in terms of decoration and participate in the choice of the acquisition of the painting.


les artistes de la collection "cadeaux de naissance"

Our selection of works is illustrated by a variety of pictorial styles and techniques: figurativ, illustration, pop art, street art, surrealist.

Contemporary artists

In our birth collection, you will find the essential artists of childhood, like Hervé Maury, who are faithful to our gallery. Hervé Maury stages animals full of mischief: little mice, elephants, teddy bears. Manuela Gallo illustrates like no other the mother-child relationship, the obvious complicity between the two beings. As for Francesca Escobar, she treats the naive moments of childhood. Kedarone hijacks the key characters of the childish imagery.
Don't give a gift, give an artwork!
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83 Artworks

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