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Inspiration Pablo Picasso

Break the codes with the collection - Inspiration Pablo Picasso

Carré d'artistes highlights the artist Pablo Picasso through a collection of paintings inspired by his artworks!
Real jewels that will delight both amateurs and neophytes. Dive into an exceptional collection.

Why Pablo Picasso ?

A multi-media artist, Picasso revolutionised our relationship with art and painting at the very beginning of the 20th century.
A genius draughtsman, famous in particular for his blue and pink periods, he developed the principle of pictorial deconstruction, accompanying the emergence of Cubism, alongside Georges Braque in particular, and questioning the interplay of forms, materials and representations in his works.
Today he is one of the most famous artists in the world, with a rich collection of about 50,000 works: paintings, drawings, sketches, collages, prints, sculptures, tapestries... And new pieces frequently appear on the art market, each time reinforcing the impressive ensemble of this prolific creator.

Picasso and painting: 

The most famous painting of this period is none other than Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, a monumental work in terms of its intelligence, the fragmentation of the material and the daring nature of the scene depicted at the time of its unveiling.
This painting is considered to be the foundation of Cubism.

Whether portraits, historical events such as the bombing of Guernica, or scenes of daily life, Picasso's paintings are full of delicacy and sensuality, carried by carefully chosen colours, but also a certain violence expressed through deconstruction.
In this new collection, you will find pieces that honour the works of Pablo Picasso.
It is a whole palette of emotions which is implemented in this carefully selected set, as well as a will to free oneself from the traditional codes, to break the norm to emancipate oneself in the expression of art.
Whether you are a follower of cubism, realism, surrealism or post-impressionism, you are bound to find the Picasso painting that is right for you.


(12 Artworks)
12 Artworks
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