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Boille Anne
  • France
In her childhood, Anne was given a piece of ""fixé sous verre"" work (work painted on the back of a glass plate) and thus was born her passion for painting on glass and the impetus for studying art. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts, she opened her studio in Paris and quickly began focusing only on developing this technique.\n Anne spent several years working in various branches of the pictorial field (design, decoration, restoration...), painting in her spare time and making her first exhibitions of painting on glass. Anne quickly decided to pursue her artistic activity, participating in numerous exhibitions in France, Switzerland and England. It was there that she began to be aware of the fragility and weight of glass. She looked for different transparent media on which she could paint and discovered that Plexiglas can be cut, drilled and is easily assembled, and so she began painting in reverse on the back of sheet of Plexiglas. She superimposes the sheets on each other to get more depth, starting with the foreground details (tie and buttons before the shirt) and finally works the background. What is painted on the left appears on the right and so she signs her work in reverse. She paints with an acrylic base, using pigments, mediums and sometimes varnish.\n Anne finds inspiration in everyday life. Her themes are urban and contemporary; she paints cities, traffic and hurried crowds. Using very little bright colour, she favours iridescent and metallic colours with just a few fluorescent peaks that accentuate the living side of the movement in her work. To create this dynamism, she paints some figures with blurred outlines and vibrant colours.\n Anne continues to explore the possibilities of Plexiglas: overlaying several painted sheets, playing with the transparency and leaving some unpainted areas, adding light ... The visual research of Anne is as full of movement as her work.

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