Luis Alvarez Torezano

Luis Alvarez Torezano is from Pontedeume in the province of La Coruña, Spain. As long as he can remember, he grew up with brushes in hand. He produced his first oil painting at the age of 14. His passion for painting has never left him. Painting is his " life partner ", which follows him everywhere and continuously enriches his personal life. Luis chose not to make it his trade and professionally was oriented towards architecture, which of course suited his creative personality. The artist creates poignant portraits, sometimes funny, sometimes…

The Carré d'artistes® concept

Because art shouldn’t just be for an elite few, Carré d’artistes® is profoundly changing the market for contemporary art. To make art accessible, we offer quality paintings at affordable prices anywhere in the world.

Present since antiquity, abandoned to religious purposes, sublimated by the Flemish Masters and tortured by photography, Portraiture traced a sinuous line following the history of Art

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From October 24 to october29, the Italian capital welcomes the first Rome Art Week edition.

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Realized by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch in 1893, The Scream, which, besides being the major artwork of European Expressionism, is a global icon of the twentieth century belonging to the [...]

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Long before the contemporary and eclectic approach, artists have always represented the sport.

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