Painting 7th avenue NY by Havard Benoit | Painting

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This unique and original contemporary artwork "7th avenue NY" has been created by the contemporary artist Havard Benoit.
The artist used mixed medium to create this special, painting.


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Havard Benoit
Havard Benoit France
Benoit Havard began drawing and painting at the age of six. In 1998, he enrolled at the École des beaux-arts de Cherbourg, where Lejeune and Valadié became his teachers. Benoit Havard's paintings are spontaneous works based on a study of light and contrasts more than on the minutiae of details. His oil and spatula paintings first photograph realistic cityscapes in order to then glean from them all of their emotional power. New York, London or Paris appear in their purest shape and are saturated with colour. "The idea is to bring the subject into my own universe", the artist explains.
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