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Nature takes over in decoration



Natural decoration is one of the most popular types of interior decoration today. It allows to convey a zen, cosy, even chic atmosphere to feel good at home. Among the markers of decorating on the theme of nature, we find white, wood for furniture, plants and green in all its shades (mint, fir, sage, apple, water, bottle or emerald). We must not forget the accessories that will bring their finishing touch to the room. With them, you can make a touch of recall or conversely contrast with the green of a room. Everything is possible!

In this article, we will show you a whole house in natural decoration: we hope that this will allow you to find some inspirations!

To help you, we have selected dozens of works of art in green tones and bring a natural touch to your interior decoration:


natural decoration green wall



The show goes green


Whether you like to read a novel on your sofa or entertain friends, the living room gets all the attention in terms of decoration. For the nature theme, we paint one wall in green (mint or emerald) and leave the others in white to bring depth to the room.

For the furniture we bet on natural wood furniture and why not in wicker. A driftwood light fixture is a key piece in your decor. You can also invite the famous armchair from the movie "Emmanuelle".

We finish by accessorizing with lighter green, white, beige or raspberry touches. On one of the white walls, you can a landscape painting like New York by Jean Luc Langlois or with geometric figures like Kubba by Remy Demestre.


Fruit on the plate and on the kitchen walls


Find inspiration for your dishes in the natural decoration of your kitchen? First of all, we bet on the acidic shade of apple that will bring brightness and greed to your walls. This color blends perfectly with wood or white furniture. For the latter, we bet if possible on openwork furniture and shelves.

The sideboard revisited with openings covered by chicken wire is quite possible. We can even bet on a butcher's block as a work surface and divert wicker baskets to make light fixtures. You can bring some plants with a wall with pots of aromatic herbs, very practical to season your dishes.

If you want to bring a little more with a painting, prefer a realistic painting like Lemon by Pascal Lionnet or Complicity by Tognet.


The room is dressed in the open air


Green is one of the colors that invite sleep. On all four walls or on the wall of your headboard, the color sage and fir bring a zen spirit. We complete the room with a pretty wooden bed, linen bedding and cushions, a coconut rug and a wicker chest.

Dreaming of an exotic princess room? Dare to use a wooden canopy and a mosquito net or a hammock! You can also choose one or two paintings with hints of green to decorate the walls.

Different themes are possible: landscapes like Eugene Romain's water tower in the forest and faces like Francesca Escobar's Verdi i Blau. For a child's or teenager's room, you can bet on Kikayou's paintings like Snoopy golf or Pop Chewie by Chauvijo.


The bathroom: showering in nature


Nature is a nice theme for a family bathroom. It is both trendy and sober with these neutral colors. Bamboo furniture, linen linens (white, beige, khaki) or accessories made of natural materials except metal. Even the mirror has its frame in bamboo. Do not forget the plants, the main actors of the decorative theme.

Depending on the surface of your room, you can choose a hucca or a palm tree for example. For small rooms, you can find mini plants, to hang or place near a basin. You have a walk-in shower? A stone wall instead of tiles will give your room some character.

As for the paintings, you can bet as in the kitchen on a realistic canvas like "Soaps" by Geraldine Morales. You can choose a landscape painting like "l'île verte" by Emmanuelle Levesque.


Even the toilets have the right to a natural atmosphere


What if your toilets had a pretty country decor? Often left neutral, they can now have an identity. For our theme, you can paint for example a wall in bottle color and accessorize with a wooden toilet seat, a bamboo shelf or a roll holder in the same material. To finalize your decoration, you can choose an abstract painting like Abstraction 9027 by Christian Hévin.

In summary, natural decoration brings together in addition to white and beige a whole variation of the color green and the assembly of a number of materials (wood, wicker, linen,..). It also leaves a lot of room for art that is not limited to landscapes and animals. There are also faces like Deuz ha ha ha or cute subjects like Aguasca by Gemma Sole.

We also note that the wall decoration plays a great importance. The paintings can be arranged in a traditional way, one per wall. However, the trend is to play on the accumulation of small frames.


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