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Street art sculptures

Carré d'artistes presents a wide selection of street art sculptures. Street art sculpture is an urban art form that has gained momentum at the heart of a vast artistic movement. This form of expression evolved and became increasingly significant towards the end of the 20th century. Street artists use all forms of art and claim a place for their works in public spaces. Street art sculptors explore various forms of art, such as cast portraits and unusual installations.

Street art sculptors question our day-to-day lives

Isaac Cordal belongs to the same movement as Slinkachu and Pablo Delgado. These artists have specialized in miniature street art sculptures. Reduced in volume, their works engender curiosity and humour. They consist of mini concrete figures placed in unexpected places. The viewer's gaze is captured in their day-to-day life through a gutter or through the grate of a sewer. These miniature street art sculptures turn whole cities into huge playgrounds. The characters bewilder the viewer and open up the imagination to endless possibilities. The street art sculpture practised by Gregos pays homage to sculpture and moulding. In every city he visits, he leaves behind his signature work: a casting of his own face depicting highly meaningful expression. A viewer can make it their mission to find the different moods of Gregos. Each one is presented in a strong colour. Today there are more than 1,000 of his portraits all over France and Europe.

Bringing new charm to everyday life

Urban Solid is a collective of Italian artists. They install sculptures and urban installations all over Europe. Their creations consist of moulds of unexpected objects. The artists are strongly inspired by the worries of contemporary society. Each urban sculpture reflects contemporary reality through a prism of provocation and humour, their works encouraging complicity and curiosity. Street art according to Christiaan Nagel is there to reinfuse cities with charm. He makes use of the roofs, the façades of houses, the balconies, the streets of all the capitals of Europe. He repopulates public spaces with mushrooms coloured by hallucinogenic lights. The artist creates his works in polyurethane. These "undergrowth" sculptures come in various sizes. Mark Jenkins is known throughout the world for his urban creations in unusual sizes. His characters are found in the streets and alleys of capitals around the world. The bodies of the life-size figures are visible but their faces are hidden. These contexts usually cause a feeling of unease. Passers-by are stopped and called for help. The artist wraps real people in plastic wrap with duct tape. He then removes the chrysalis and puts it back together again with no-one inside. He dresses them and gives them accessories that make these sculptures ultra-realistic. These urban works exude very strong presence and emotion. At Carré d'artistes, discover a selection of street art sculptures by contemporary artists such as Pappay – an artist inspired by architecture and graphics who recreates a world apart where man is one with his environment – or Franck Lamboley, or Daco.


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