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Thanks mom

She gave birth to you, you stole her nights... but she doesn't blame you, you made her a mom!

To express your gratitude and your love for her, you gave her personal and adorable gifts. As a child, it was a hand-painted picture of you. Now that you are an adult, why not give her a real work of art? That one-of-a-kind, personal, hand-picked gift that she'll treasure for a lifetime?

To make it easier for you, we have selected some soft and beautiful works of art like a mother...

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103 Artworks

Giving a painting as a gift for Mother's Day.




Mother's Day is fast approaching and you don't know what to give your mom? Are you tired of giving photos or mugs as gifts? Give her a painting for Mother's Day that will remind her of memories, moments of happiness, and joy. Discover how a painting can be the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

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Mother's Day is a special day to celebrate mothers and stepmothers who have an important place in our lives. It is an opportunity to pay tribute to these women who gave us life and raised us with love and dedication. Mothers are the pillars of the family, often the ones who maintain the bond between family members and are there to support us in all circumstances. Mother's Day is therefore an opportunity to show our gratitude and love for all they have done and continue to do for us. It is a day dedicated to them, to say "thank you" and remind them how important they are to us.


Giving a painting as a Mother's Day gift is a unique and personalized idea that can delight your mom. A painting is a timeless decorative object that can be appreciated for many years. By choosing the right painting for your mom, you can express your love and gratitude in an artistic and symbolic way.

The choice of painting may depend on your mom's taste, her decorating style, and the meaning you want to convey with this Mother's Day gift. It is a gift that can be adapted to all situations, whether it is a gift for a new mom or for a mom celebrating her 50th birthday. By giving a painting for Mother's Day, you are offering a unique and personal gift that can stay in your mom's life forever.

Discover the 5 reasons to give a painting as a Mother's Day gift.

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Choosing the right painting for your mom may seem daunting, but it can be an enjoyable and creative experience. To choose the perfect painting for Mother's Day, you can consider your mom's tastes and interests. If she loves landscapes, you can choose a painting that depicts a beautiful panoramic view or a rural landscape. If she is passionate about art, you can opt for a reproduction of a great master or an abstract painting that evokes emotions and feelings.

You can also choose a painting that has personal meaning for you and your mom, such as a representation of a special place you visited together. Ultimately, the choice of painting will depend on your mom's personality and the emotion you want to express with this Mother's Day gift. With a little thought and creativity, you can find the perfect painting to make Mother's Day a special moment for your mom.

Original and personalized mother's day gift idea

Are you looking for an original Mother's Day gift? Choose a personalized artwork from Carré d'artistes, it's THE fun gift that will bring surprise for Mother's Day!

To give your mom an original and personalized gift for Mother's Day, you can opt for a personalized painting hand-painted by real artists. There's nothing like a beautiful wall decoration to make your home or apartment warmer and more welcoming. With a personalized painting, you can add a personal touch to your interior decor while offering a unique and special gift for Mother's Day.

As Mother's Day approaches, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift. That's why the artists at Carré d'artistes offer personalized paintings handcrafted just for you. A personalized painting is perfect for all special occasions, whether it's Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday, or even Christmas. It's an original and intimate gift that allows you to have the photo of your choice illustrated on a canvas, whether it's a photo of your mom, a child, a loved one, or even a favorite celebrity.

With a personalized canvas as a Mother's Day gift, you have the opportunity to make your interior decor unique with the image you have chosen for your personalized painting. Your unforgettable moments can thus be transformed into a unique and personal work of art that can be proudly displayed in your home. It's a gift that shows your love and gratitude towards your mom for everything she has done for you.

How to choose the right painting for your mom ?

Choosing the right painting for your mom may seem like a difficult task, but with a little thought, you can find the perfect gift for her.

Consider where your mom will display the painting. If she has a large empty wall in her living room, you can opt for a larger canvas that draws attention. If she prefers small decorative touches, you can choose a small canvas to place on a shelf or dresser.

Finally, think about the meaning you want to give to this gift for your mom. You can choose a painting that has personal meaning for you and your mom, such as a representation of a special place you visited together or an image that evokes a particular memory. By giving a painting to your mom, you are offering a unique and personal gift that shows how much you love her and know her well.

Different styles of paintings for mother's day

If you are looking for a unique painting for your mom for Mother's Day, a Carré d'artistes painting can be an excellent option. The different styles of paintings offer plenty of choices, allowing you to find something that perfectly matches your mom's tastes and personality.

At Carré d'artistes, we offer a wide selection of paintings by professional artists, including paintings in the following styles:

The paintings we offer are created by real artists who use traditional and modern techniques to create unique and timeless works of art.

Even young children can participate by choosing a painting that represents something special to them and their mom. By giving a Carré d'artistes painting for Mother's Day, you are offering a gift that will be appreciated for years to come. Our paintings are made with care and attention to detail, making them a perfect gift for your mom, who is sure to cherish and proudly display them in her home.

In summary, if you want to give a unique and original gift for Mother's Day, Carré d'artistes paintings are an excellent option. With our wide selection of styles and options, you are sure to find the perfect painting for your mom.


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