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 Your Bearbrick figurine at Carré d'artistes

Are you interested in Bearbrick figurines, but you can't find one? Simplify your task by choosing to buy your figurine at Carré d'artistes.
To acquire your figurine, discover useful information on figurines by following the guide.

What is a Bearbrick?

A simpler design was thought by the creators of the figurine to give back the culture in a more pleasant way. In fact, these are the prototypes designed by the Medicom Toy company in the guise of gadgets.
Its name is then taken from the character of an animated film with a bear head and a version of the Kubrick collection also included in the signature.
That said, the gadget we're talking about here stands out for its simple, curved shape that allows it to have 8 parts of articulation.
Amongst them, you will see a rotating waist, rotating wrists, articulated arms and articulated feet.

Why collect figurines?

The figurines provide an introduction to many customs and cultures of different civilizations, from the ordinary to the imaginary.
For example, you will see figurines that evoke public figures or figurines that showcase technological progress.
Moreover, collecting rare pieces is a plus for enthusiasts.
However, it is also feasible to have all the pieces in the collection, with the only result being that you have to spend more money. You should also know that collectible models are not easy to find.

How are these figures designed?

In order to have a figurine, its designer goes through several stages to reach the final result.
First of all, it is created with the research of many artists from different countries. The toys are inspired by animated films broadcast on television. To be clear, one team of artists is responsible for the illustrations and another for the sculptures. Indeed, the creator of the Bearbrick has at his disposal a number of artists' licenses and a good number of modern designers.

In addition, the creation process involves many different worlds. Namely: web design, graffiti, street art, fashion, manga, illustration and cartoons. Even further, painting is an advantage for artists who come from different worlds to create the figurine. However, it is important to know that the universe we are talking about here are the historical continents such as Australia, Europe, Asia and America.

What are the different types of figurines?

Since its creation, the figurine is available in several sizes
The Bearbrick 50 which is the mini variant of the anthropomorphic bears. It is half the size of the standard figurines, i.e. 3.5 cm high.
The Bearbrick 70 which is slightly taller than the previous one with its 5 cm height.
The Bearbrick 100 which is the basic model of the figure. It is 7 cm high and is available in three variants: the common model, the special child model and the fully moulded model.
The Beabrick 400 which is 4 times bigger than the default version. Its height is 28 cm.
The Bearbrick 1000 is a huge figure that is over 70 cm high.
To buy your figurine, at Carré d'artistes, you can find different models of figurines...

In short, you have just seen that acquiring figurines is easier than expected.
This toy of Japanese origin does not stop attracting the attention of the whole world. Following numerous collaborations, an update of this gadget is planned to captivate more people.


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3 Artworks



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