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Animal sculptures

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Find at Carré d'artistes an impressive selection of animal sculptures that will blend perfectly into the decor of your living room or a child's room.

Art and animals go hand in hand

For ages, animals have been able to amaze us through paintings, photographs, but also and especially sculptures. Discover the works of our artists, which range from classic style, street art, through pop art to singular art! Animal sculpture is a type of sculpture that is distinguished by works dedicated exclusively to domestic, wild and even imaginary animals.

Origin of these sculptures

This genre did not have the desired effect in Europe. Nevertheless, it reached its peak in 1831 at the Paris Salon with Antoine-Louis Barye's sculpture entitled The Tiger. It quickly became a success. This sculptor favoured the naturalistic representation of this mammal at the expense of a mythological representation. From this period onwards, the revival of animal sculpture took off. They were in vogue during the Second Empire.

Famous animal sculptures

The most important sculptors such as François Pompon, Auguste Cain or Louis Rouillard relied on animal art to make their careers take off. Auguste Rodin's White Bear aroused general interest when it was exhibited at the Salon d'Automne des artistes français. Since then, it has become one of the most famous in the world. Jeff Koons' iconic stainless steel poodle is also making waves. This sculpture is available in five different versions. The best known, and now iconic, is the pink Balloon Dog, now on display at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Techniques and materials of animal sculptures

Like other sculptures, animal sculptures are made in relief, in volume, by direct carving, by assembly or by welding.

Techniques used

To create a sculpture, several techniques can be considered and combined. Modelling, as its name suggests, consists of modelling a solid material such as clay or earth. Modern artists combine it with unexpected materials such as plastic and metal parts or sheet metal. Carving uses tools to carve wood or stone. Direct carving requires no prior sketching and is done directly on the block. In fine-tuning carving, the original model is duplicated in great detail from exact measurements. Assembling is the way of assembling elements by dowel, tenon, welding, rivet or mortise in materials such as gold, wood, etc.

The materials used

These require a particular skill. Artists may, for example, model clay or plaster and carve soft wood. Some sculptors also use sand, concrete, shells, different types of fibres, plant materials, feathers, flowers, leaves, straw, etc. In short, all design possibilities are possible.

Contemporary art and contemporary sculptors 

In China, sculptors sometimes even work on glassy stones such as jade. The sculptors of Carré d'artistes have been inspired by these different materials in contemporary sculptures and by the different plastic artists to create original and exceptional animals. Sébastien Chartier stands out, for example, for his elephants and Floh, for his sculptures of animals from an imaginary world.

Your next favorite is certainly in one of our selections, discover our various artistic movements and contemporary artists from around the world! Animals in resin, statues and sculptures in bronze but also abstract sculptures, human figures ... 

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41 Artworks
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