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Medium sculptures

Buy a medium size sculpture Carré d'artistes

Medium sculpture for sale:

Contemporary sculpture, an art in constant evolution. Sculpture has always been one of the most representative art forms. Classical sculptures date back to the time of ancient Greece and Rome when sculptors began to exploit this art with materials such as marble.

Nowadays, there are many original creations made from different materials, themes and styles. Sculpture has thus become less traditional and has allowed creators to diversify their art. The artistic dimension has grown and now offers creations that are all as sublime as each other.
The creations we display on the shop come from great sculptors from the contemporary sculpture generation.

Choose from famous creators of beautiful contemporary sculptures to add to your collection

This superb type of work is predominant on the market today! Our range of sculptures includes well-known artists such as Danino Liliane, Floh, Marazzani Valérie and Naen. All of them are gifted and possess a real artistic fibre which gives their works an incomparable originality and singularity!

Dynamic, visionary or even daring, these sculptors are the reference of contemporary sculpture with different dimensions.
You have the possibility of acquiring medium-sized sculptures to enhance the character of your home and add a piece of history directly from the work itself. Rediscover the pleasure of authentic creations and exceptional pieces to adorn your home.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the magic of medium format sculptures at Carré d'artistes

Contemporary sculptors such as Pauline Salvan or Pappay open the doors to their world where imagination and innovation are combined. On our online shop, you will be able to order medium format sculptures ranging from classical style to street art, passing through singular art and pop art. A wide range of these creations await you on the Carré d'artistes website!

You will have the pleasure of admiring creations of superior quality among the collections of the online gallery. With a three-dimensional inspiration requiring bright colours and often industrial materials, the contemporary creations we offer for sale are synonymous with artistic revolution. The owners of these magnificent works pay particular attention to the technique with which they shape each sculpture.

Why invite contemporary sculpture into your home?

If you are looking for a sculpture with timeless charm, contemporary art sculptures are for you!
With their characteristic design, they are sublime creations that fit perfectly into any interior decoration.
Pop icons, nudes and animals are themes that are making a strong comeback in the art world.

Contemporary sculpture took its first steps in the early 1940s.

As a successor to modern art, contemporary art has been a rage in many respects. Although they are sometimes influenced by several trends, contemporary sculptures have their own style.
The aim of these creations is to provide an original aesthetic aspect through the use of different materials such as wood, steel, bronze, cement etc.

More and more households are looking for atypical decoration to enhance their house, flat or office.
The artistic personalities who present their various medium format sculptures on our gallery offer you through their works another viewpoint than that of the traditional sculpture.
These unusual creations of contemporary artists will make the most beautiful effect installed in your home.

Why choose the gallery Carré d'artistes for the acquisition of your medium format sculptures?

Carré d'artistes is a network of art galleries present on the French territory but also in Europe and on other continents.
The contemporary art market being at the beginning very closed, we decided to widen certain doors and to be able to communicate the work of certain artists still unknown to the general public.

Because we believe that everyone has the right to own art, we offer beautiful contemporary sculptures at affordable prices.
Now is your chance to build a small or large collection of medium format sculptures.
More than 600 artists exhibit their work with unstoppable pride through our various galleries! Their personal satisfaction is above all to amaze the world with exceptional contemporary sculptures...
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171 Artworks
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