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At Carré d’artistes, all our artworks are unique and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.
We tell you more : What is the purpose of a certificate of authenticity, why buy a unique artwork?

What is a certificate of authenticity ?


Buying artwork even at an accessible price, requires a certificate of authenticity - an important document which guarantees that the work has been created by the artist and not by a forger for example. If you wish to re-sell the artwork, you’re required to have this. The latter is usually established by an artist or a gallery, who represents the artist. It gives the name of the creator, the title and the features of the work and ensures its traceability. It’s a guarantee of reliability and value that allows to identify the artwork. 

It’s good to know: a sculpture can be reproduced several times from the same mold. The latter is still considered « original work », as long as the number of reproductions doesn’t exceed eight.

Why buy a unique artwork ?


“Art is what makes life more interesting than art”, as the artist Robert Filliou tells us. This little sentence, which is a tad mysterious, confirms one key element: any life without art, isn’t worth living. Without art, life has no flavor, no life.

Art is of no use and this is why it’s essential: because every human being needs the superfluous, beauty, aesthetic pleasures, to overcome their mundane grind and achieve some exaltation, while helps survive through painting, sculpture or a drawing.

This wonderful aspect is created by sensitive artists who let’s not forget, also need to keep themselves alive…This is why, it’s important to buy works of living artists, who strive to give substance to beauty. Give meaning to your decoration! What better future for a nail than to hold a painting created with love?

Unique art for...

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