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The purchase of a contemporary sculpture art for decoration has become an exciting and inspiring trend. These art sculptures provide a unique opportunity to add a captivating artistic dimension to our living spaces.

Explore our selection of sculptures for sale in our art galleries and on our website. Our contemporary sculptors offer a variety of styles, themes, size and sculpture techniques to find your perfect piece.

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Resin sculptures, metal sculptures, stone sculptures, bronze sculptures, animal sculptures statues and figurines, pop icon sculptures, mixed technique sculptures... Carré d'artistes offers a varied selection to suit all tastes and budgets. Our sculptor artists are selected by our art curators, offering you the best is our main mission so that you find pieces you love!

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Purchase of a contemporary sculpture from Carré d'artistes

The art of modern sculpture: an exploration of contemporary creativity and artistic expression

Sculpture is an art specific to modeling artists to create forms and volumes from various materials. You will find ornaments in relief, modeling, round-bump, with welds, etc. As you have understood, there can be different types of sculptures depending on the technique favored by each artist.

The word comes from the Latin word "sculpere" which means "to carve" or "to remove parts from a stone". Stone carving requires the expertise of a proven talent sculptor who is able to shape relatively common objects. In the tenth century, the sculptor was assisted by a team: master builder and stone cutters.

Sculpture differs from modeling, but it has always been associated with painting. These two categories of artists came from the Middle Ages and belonged to a similar professional community.
Painting and ornament finally separated
The distinction of these two trades is officially made in 1648 in France with the creation of painting and sculpture academies. It is nevertheless to be noted that many artists remain painters and sculptors at the same time. In the nineteenth century, the "sculptor" is still distinguished, carving solid materials such as wood, stone or ivory from the "statuary" who focuses on achievements in earth, wax or plaster.

The diversity of contemporary sculptures

There are two main categories of sculptures: relief and round-bump. The former is an ornament that is attached to a background and evolves out of this background. The crushed relief has a low relief rate and whose contours are finely incised. There is low-relief, high-relief and intaglio. The round-bump is edited in such a way as to be able to observe it from all sides or almost. This technique relies on a base or ground and is located in a niche. The most famous ornament in this version evokes Michelangelo juggling these two principles.
Characters are half-emerged from the marble block.



The range of themes in contemporary sculpture

The diversity of contemporary art sculpture works for decoration offers an exciting range of themes and subjects covered. From captivating figurative sculptures to expressive abstract compositions, each piece offers a unique artistic interpretation.

At Carré d'artistes the themes addressed are pop icon sculptures, nude sculptures and animal sculptures.

The materials and techniques used to create contemporary sculptures

The materials and techniques used to create these contemporary art statues are just as varied. From traditional materials such as bronze and stone to modern materials such as metal, glass and plastic, artists explore new possibilities to bring their creations to life. These innovative techniques give birth to unique contemporary sculptures that stand out for their originality and aesthetics.

Sculpture can be done using three different techniques: one that involves shaping a soft original material to create shapes, one that involves removing the material...

buy a contemporary art sculpture Carré d’artistes

At Carré d'artistes, you will find talented sculptors each with their distinct style. The polished and varnished copper bust by Frédéric Fortuné is a striking contemporary sculpture that catches the eye instantly. Coming from a family of art enthusiasts, this artist has been immersed in creative practices since his earliest childhood. His contemporary art combines resin and metal, but copper remains his favorite material. The artwork 'Flexo' by Zed continues to make its way. It can be found in a variety of colors and diverse poses. Floh sends us colorful depictions from an imaginary universe.

These evoke the joy of childhood, interpreting a message of humor and cheerfulness. Like his father and grandfather, who were welders and metallurgists, Nikola Vudrag chose to delve into metalwork as art. The artist draws his inspiration from disciplines such as theology, philosophy, mathematics, anthropology, and sciences. To this day, Vudrag is among the notable specialists in Croatia.

Find here all our original contemporary works ranging from small to large sizes, coming straight out of the imagination of our artists from all over the world.
From bodies and faces to the originality of forms and subjects, let yourself be guided and surprised by the technicality of our artists!

Carré d'artistes is the largest community of art enthusiasts in Europe, our contemporary artists are numerous and offer various styles, themes and techniques to provide you with choices.
You will also find specialists like contemporary wood sculptor artists, but also metal sculptures, bronze statues, pop art, abstract sculpture on the site and in art galleries.

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